Surely you’ve heard of Black Friday, a day to get high-priced, name-brand products for basement-level bargains. You’ve also probably heard about Cyber Monday, another blowout shopping day where deals move from the brick and mortar stores to online sites. But have you heard about Giving Tuesday? The day for charitable giving is a new trend, and is sure to become a staple to the kickoff of the holiday shopping season each year. Here are 3 public relations lessons we can learn from Giving Tuesday.

Photo Courtesy of: Tim Green

Photo Courtesy of: Tim Green

3 PR Lessons from Giving Tuesday

  1. Extend a Thank You

A day to show appreciation and thanks, Giving Tuesday is an easy way for online shoppers and philanthropy enthusiasts to say thank you one more time during the Thanksgiving season. After spreading the love with your family and friends, why not extend it to charities and social projects? Likewise in public relations, remember to thank your colleagues and network contacts. Thank them for their advice, their help, and their support for your business.

  1. Know Your Niche

Everyone has charities or causes they love supporting. On Giving Tuesday, you are encouraged to share donation efforts with friends and followers on social networks. By seeing which charities and causes you love supporting, your network gets a chance to get to know you a little bit better. Use this tactic to inform potential and current customers during your next PR campaign. Establish yourself as a niche leader in your field and stick to that theme.

  1. Use Your Network

Since an essential part of Giving Tuesday is sharing your charitable contributions, your network is likely to join in! This is a great lesson for public relations. Remember to always use your network to share and spread information. You never know what will catch on and become the next big thing.

After grabbing your holiday items inexpensively over Thanksgiving weekend, why not take some of the money you’ve saved and give back to the charity of your choice on Giving Tuesday? That’s sure to bring a little more cheer this holiday season.

Have you heard of Giving Tuesday? Can you think of any other great PR or marketing lessons from the event?


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