Whether you have thousands of fans or only a few, many business owners want to try out social media marketing to sell their products and services. While these platforms are a great place to share interesting content, spread messages and let people know about your products, it can be tough to turn your fans into paying customers. Here are four tips for making the transformation.

Would you like to turn your social media fans into customers?

Would you like to turn your social media fans into customers?

4 Tips for Turning Fans into Customers [Social Media Marketing]

  1. Show Your Product in Action

Fans may like your social media profiles because of the content you share, but that doesn’t mean they know all about the products or services you offer. Always remember to follow the 80/20 rule for posting content, but use some of your self-promotional space to showcase a product in action so followers can see what options are available.

  1. Target Your Message

If you’re using advertisements or promoted posts on sites like Facebook, take advantage of the ability to target your messages. Use zip codes or specific areas to reach only the users who are in your zone and can make a purchase. If you send your message blindly into a large group of people, you may have trouble securing a sale.

  1. Create Incentives

To be successful with social media marketing, try and find ways to include your fans in your posts. By asking questions or holding polls you can get them excited, but to turn them into customers you should go a bit further. Create some sales or coupons just for fans on social media, and encourage customers to like your page before making a purchase.

  1. Open Your World

Many people follow brands on social media because they get an insider’s look into the company’s culture. Get them excited about your product and instill a desire to be a part of it; invite your followers to enter your world by sharing a behind-the-scenes video, an interview with the CEO or a sneak peek at upcoming seasonal products.

Sharing about your services, targeting messages and ads, creating incentives and inviting fans into your world are all great tips for making your social media marketing plan work well. Do you have a success story about turning your fans into customers? Please share it in the comments below!

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