Have you set your public relations goals for 2016 yet?

Have you set your public relations goals for 2016 yet?

Have you started considering your public relations goals for the coming year? Before you can begin crafting a marketing strategy for 2016, it’s important you look at the big picture.

Ask yourself:

  • What were your goals for this past year?
  • Did you succeed?
  • What worked well?
  • What didn’t?

Then ask yourself what public relations goals you want to achieve in 2016. Make sure they’re SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

Once you have your goals for the year, you can create a marketing strategy and put a plan into action.

How do you create a marketing strategy or public relations plan?

  1. Determine your resources. How much time do you have to put into promoting your company? Do you have a budget to outsource it to a public relations firm? Don’t miss this great guide for choosing a PR agency to work with.
  2. Research what’s working well for others. If your goal is to increase your social media followers by a certain percentage, study thriving Facebook pages or Twitter accounts to see what tactics they’re using that you could try.
  3. Study public relations and marketing trends. In addition to actually researching trends online, keep your eyes and ears open as you read the news or even scroll through your Facebook newsfeed. You never know when you’ll see something that could spark a creative marketing strategy for your business!
  4. Measure success. Keep an eye on results, but also remember they take time. Specifically schedule time to re-evaluate your public relations plan towards the end of June or early July so you can see what’s been working and what hasn’t been. Plan on evaluating again in late December or early January as well.

Do you need help coming up with a public relations plan or marketing strategy for your business? Contact us to find out how we can help. In the meantime, I wish you and your business happy holidays and a successful 2016!

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