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As it turns out, great content always has the same few things in common.

When it comes to gaining an audience on the internet, you must have great content. If you are starting a marketing campaign and forsake great content, then you run the risk of a weak response at best and failure at the worst.

But what makes great internet content?

As it turns out, great content always has the same few things in common. This is good news for your business, because with just a little research, you can understand what you need to do to create original, engaging content that your audience will enjoy and respond to.

Make it Original

Above all else, internet content should be original. Sometimes, in extreme cases, duplicate content can hurt your search rankings, but it really needs to be original because your audience doesn’t want to read the same old things they have in the past.

Don’t just dash-off content so you can put it on your website quickly and cheaply. Think about what your company does and make all content you create relatable to it. For example, if you run an interior design company, then think about all of the ways interior design reaches people: furniture, flooring, paint and different styles can all provide subjects for content.

By creating content that is original and relates to your business in some way, your audience will stay interested.

Make it Thought-Provoking

The key to creating thought-provoking content is to tell an interesting story that makes your audience reflect on ways they can use the information you provide.

You should also start you consent off with a bang. People decide whether or not they want to read an article very quickly, so you need to introduce interesting information as soon as possible. This will engage your readers and then you can begin your story. Begin with an anecdote, something that grabs the reader’s attention, and then tie it to your business.

The goal here is to get people interested and, hopefully commenting on your posts. This will get the attention of search engines and allow even more people to have access to your content, which is a win in anybody’s book.

Have a Call to Action

In marketing, a Call to Action (CTA) is a direction in the content that asks readers to respond in some way immediately. Common CTAs are: Call Now, Click Here and Watch This Video.

Notice how each CTA directs readers to perform a simple task that will keep them on your site. Then, once they click or follow other instructions, you can provide them with answers.

All great content has these things in common: it is original, thought-provoking, has a Call to Action and provides answers to the audience. If these are present in each piece of content you post, you are sure to see your business grow.

Abigail Buckley works with a marketing company as a media planner amongst other roles. She is keen to share her knowledge and enjoys writing articles and blog posts to help indie business owners get a start in the right direction.

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