Newt Scamander and his magical creatures can teach you some great marketing tips! Read on to find out what they are. 

It’s no secret Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was the magical prequel all the Harry Potter fans in the U.S. were waiting for (at least in my opinion!). Seeing the wizarding world come to life in New York made me feel like I was eleven again, waiting for my Hogwarts admissions letter (or I guess my “Ilvermorny letter” now) to come in the mail.

More than just sending viewers back to their first time reading or seeing Harry Potter, though, Fantastic Beasts has some great public relations and marketing lessons for business owners to improve their marketing strategy. (Spoilers ahead!)

3 Magical Public Relations and Marketing Lessons

  1. Not everything is as it seems – but in marketing, that’s not a good thing. There are so many characters in Fantastic Beasts that aren’t who you think they are (Graves being a prime example, and Credence too). The surprise reveals of Graves being Grindlewald and Credence being the obscurest kept audience members on their toes, gasping out loud in the theater. However, when designing a public relations campaign, shocking reveals are the last thing you want to go for. Be upfront and stay honest about what you’re trying to sell to customers or what action you’re trying to get them to take. No one wants to work with a Graves and turn around to find they’re actually a Grindlewald.
  2. The best thing your ads can be are attention-grabbing. Did anyone not love the niffler? That little platypus was one of the cutest creatures in that movie, despite the havoc he wreaked every time he saw jewelry. Your ads, blog posts, social media updates and other content should be just as attention grabbing as jewelry, effectively turning your audience members into nifflers themselves. Your campaign should make them want to buy into your brand, until they can’t imagine turning away.
  3. Every audience is different – and every campaign should be different too. Just like the creatures Newt Scamander has in his briefcase, no two audiences are alike. And like each magical creature, they all need a different kind of attention. Your campaigns should target your specific audience based on your brand’s effort to connect with them, instead of a “one size fits all” approach. Not only will putting in that time for your campaign more effectively target your audience, but they’ll really feel like you care about their business if they can see your effort in building a relationship with them.

And there you have it! A great movie with some great marketing tips. Did you enjoy Fantastic Beasts as much as I did? If you can think of any other marketing tips from the film, let me know in the comments below!

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