Social media is essential your company’s success

Is there a way to ensure your business will take off on social media? Unfortunately, there are no definite answers. However, we do have some quick tips to make sure your company can start off on the right track. Here’s some helpful advice for using four popular social media platforms to promote your business.

  1. Instagram—According to Hootsuite, there are a few ways to keep this image-based platform fresh and compelling to your audience.
    • Make your company’s logo noticeable and easy to see
    • Set goals for growth
    • Create a theme for the posts you intend to share
    • Follow a schedule that is planned out in advance
    • Stay creative

Keep these tips, as well as more outlined in the Hootsuite article, in mind as you promote your company’s Instagram presence.

  1. Twitter—Building up your Twitter page takes a lot of work, but this platform is one of the largest in the world. Post Planner has a lot of helpful tips on how to create a Twitter presence that will grow your company.
    • Use Twitter cards
    • Have a detailed plan on how to gain followers
    • Include compelling hashtags that draw the audience you want.

There are many more tips that can help grow your Twitter page. in the Post Planner article

       3. Facebook—The original social media platform. Beyond the quick photo or short Tweet, this is the space where you can get your company’s message across. These tips from Entrepreneur can help you on your way to building this platform.

  • Promote your Facebook page across all of your other channels
  • Publish factual and helpful content for your audience to benefit from (think to yourself: what value am I providing through this update?)
  • Keep track of your engagement to make changes on or improve your strategy

If you want to learn even more about growing your company’s Facebook, check out on of our articles for additional advice.

       4. LinkedIn—Known as the social media platform for professionals. This way of connecting with users is slightly different than the other platforms as it shifts the tone—your tone on this site should change with it. This article by Inc. shares helpful tips for you to boost your LinkedIn engagement.

  • Keep all of your photos professional. This isn’t the place to post casual updates—though your Instagram or Facebook pages could be!
  • Make sure your endorsements on LinkedIn reflect what you want them to. You don’t want unrelated skills cluttering up your profile
  • When connecting with others, make it personal. Use their names and cater to who they are—don’t let your wording become generic or overused

Besides these points, we also have some advice that will help you generate more traffic on your LinkedIn page in

Social media is such an important part of connecting with potential leads, and we want you to have the best running start you can. As always, reach out to us with any questions about how to grow your business. We’re happy to help!

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