Media Tips: How to Get on a Podcast or Radio Show

Media Tips: How to Get on a Podcast or Radio Show

A version of this post originally ran in May, 2018.

Are you looking for exposure for you and your business? You may want to consider going after podcast or online radio show interviews. These are often-overlooked avenues to gain publicity and name recognition, in addition to getting your story out there to your target audience.

What to Look for In a Podcast or Online Radio Show

Podcasts are among the oldest types of syndicated content on the internet and after recording a show, your episode may receive listeners for weeks or even years later. When determining if a podcast or online radio show is a good fit for your message, pay attention to:

  • The show’s demographics
  • The theme of the show
  • The story they are covering
  • The show’s reach or circulation

RadioGuestList is one way to find potential online radio show opportunities. You can also search podcasts on iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify for shows that cover your area of expertise; most hosts have contact information listed on their show profile or on a separate website.

To get the producer’s attention, you need to tailor your pitch to match the show’s audience. Here are three pitching tips to help you get an interview.

3 Pitching Tips for Podcast and Radio Show Opportunities

1. Pitch the Right Person

For your pitch to be successful, you need to approach the correct person. While you will be conversing with the show host on air should you get an interview, some shows have guests correspond with the producer to coordinate the segment. Do your research and determine the most appropriate contact at the radio show or podcast and make sure to address them in your initial pitch.

Podcasts are among the oldest types of syndicated content on the internet.

2. Write a Compelling Introduction

Not unlike pitching other sectors of the media, you need to make sure your title and introductory paragraph is compelling and draws the show’s contact in; this is one of the most important pitching tips. Identify the most newsworthy portion of your story and lead with that; you want to make your pitch as clear and powerful as possible.

3. Make a Strong Connection

Another important pitching tip for landing an interview on a podcast or radio show is to make a strong connection between your story and the show’s audience. If you have a valuable message for them to hear, let the show’s contact know; it will help inform their decision to invite you as a guest. One of the best ways to make a strong connection is to listen to several episodes and think about a segment their listeners are likely to be interested in that features you.

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