How do you know what to look for in a social media management firm? According to HubSpot, 94% of marketers use social media. Given that statistic, it’s not surprising that many companies are ready to invest in social channels as a way to reach consumers. However, many organizations are too busy doing what they do best to focus on bringing social media marketing into the fold; instead, they outsource their social media management to outside firms. In this blog post we will cover important questions to ask a potential social media partner before you commit to working with them.

15 Questions To Ask A Potential Social Media Partner

It is important to make an informed decision before hiring a social media agency or consultant. These questions will give you a strong understanding of exactly what they will provide, what your involvement will be and how the two of you will work together.

1. Who will be managing my social media account(s)?

When you talk to an agency or firm about managing your business’s social media marketing, make sure you ask who will manage your account(s). Will they have a dedicated team member focused on your company or will they have a few people working on it together? Who do you contact if you have questions or new information about your business? Do those involved with your business have experience managing these types of social media campaigns?

2. Do you develop a social media strategy? How do you do this?

It’s important to have a social media strategy in place before you begin your campaign. This provides a roadmap for which platforms you’ll focus on, how often you’ll update those pages, when updates will go live and what type of content you’ll be sharing.

If you’re talking to a social media expert who doesn’t create a strategy or can’t provide a brief overview of how they create one, move on to another potential partner.

3. Do I need to provide the content?

social media content

Find out who will provide the content for your social media campaign before you hire a social media partner.

It’s important to establish what exactly you’re responsible for providing during your social media campaign. Will the firm or agency provide images or video for your social media accounts? Do you need to send relevant industry news or will they find it for you? Their answers will give insight into what the demands on your time will be as you begin working together.

4. Is the social media content you create unique and exclusive to my company?

So many social media agencies out there use the exact same content for all their clients – or even themselves! In fact, many subscribe to third-party vendors that create content for them, as well as other firms.

If you want your business to stand out in the sea of social media, it’s important your pages share unique content that is completely customized to your brand. If the possible partner you’re considering can’t provide this, it’s time to talk to someone else.

5. How do you develop social media updates, images and other content for my brand?

This question will provide you with some insight into the agency’s process. Do they have a team of graphic designers creating content for all their clients, or will you have a dedicated team member crafting images and updates based on their first-hand knowledge of your company?

6. What types of social media content will you be posting? Will all the updates be about my business?

Although you’re using social media to promote your brand, it’s important every update isn’t about your business. Remember, the key to social media is being social. Would you be interested in following a page that only talks about itself all the time?

Instead, it’s better to strike a balance between updates that provide something of value specifically for your followers (such as an interesting article, inspiring quote or funny meme) and updates that are directly promotional. At Three Girls Media, we subscribe to the 80/20 rule, which means 20 percent of the updates are all about your business, and the remaining 80 percent share news, images or videos that relate to your industry, but are not specifically about your company.

7. Will the social media content have my brand’s voice/personality?

social media content and brand personality

A social media expert should learn your brand’s voice.

This goes back to ensuring your social media content is carefully crafted to reflect your business – and only your business. Any social media expert you hire should have the ability to learn your brand’s voice (or personality) and craft every piece of content to fit within that voice.

8. How will I know what you are posting on my social media channels? Will I see updates before they go live?

Before you hire a social media partner, it’s important you establish clear expectations. While some businesses may prefer not to spend the time reviewing updates before they go live, it’s an important step in quality control. By spending a few minutes looking over the content before it goes live on your page, you can make sure it’s accurate to both your industry and your brand.

9. Will you be posting different content on each of my social networks? How do you tailor updates for each social media platform?

While some subscribe to the “one and done” approach in which you share the exact same update on every channel, this is actually a poor strategy. Each social media platform has its own culture; it’s important your updates are crafted to make the most of the network’s capabilities, as well as the “language” of the channel.

10. How will you set my brand apart from my competitors? Do you look at what social media they are posting, too?

This is a fantastic question to ask to find out how much research your possible social media partner will put into your account. Will they take the time to see what your competition is doing well or not doing well? Will they use what they see to inspire creativity on behalf of your brand?

11. Will my social media followers know that it’s not me posting the content?

This is a question we hear all the time at Three Girls Media. On some platforms (such as Twitter and Instagram), you’d share the login information with your social media manager so they can post on your behalf. On others (such as Facebook and LinkedIn), you’d give them access to your brand’s page so they can post updates as the brand. On these channels, you might see who shared the update based on the admin data, but you can rest assured your followers just see that the update is from your company.

12. Who responds to my followers’ questions, comments and messages on social media?

Social media reactions

Determine who will monitor your social media accounts for interaction before hiring an agency.

This is another important expectation to establish. Will the social media agency you hire monitor your account for interaction? What will they do if you receive a question, comment or message? Will they expect you to respond, or will they take care of it for you?

13. How much will my social media fan base grow, and how quickly?

Before your campaign begins, it’s important to establish clear expectations and measurable goals. A lot of your growth will depend on a variety of factors, such as how often you’re updating the page or if you’re running an ad campaign at the same time. Still, take the time to ask this question so you can establish reasonable expectations with your social media partner.

14. How often will you review my social media analytics? Which analytics will you be looking at? What does success look like?

It’s important your social media manager takes the time to review your analytics regularly – at least every 4-6 weeks. This provides them with helpful data to tweak the strategy to make it stronger. Before you begin your campaign, make sure you’re clear about how often they’ll review analytics, which data they’ll focus on and how they’ll use that to revise the strategy. Make sure they know if you want to be involved in this process, too.

15. What other digital tactics would complement my company’s social media? Do you offer those services as well? How customized are they to my brand?

Social media is simply one facet of content marketing. In addition to investing in social media, you may want to consider blogging, email marketing and social media advertising. Ask your potential social media partner if these are services they provide as well and if they can cross-promote your content across these channels to make the most of your investment.

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