(An original version of this blog article was posted in August 2021.)

Trust is a valuable aspect of any relationship, especially in the realm of business and customer service. Customers are more likely to choose companies they believe to be authentic and reliable. Building trust is essential to make your business stand out from the competition. To achieve this, here are five ways to successfully build brand loyalty with your audience.

1. Know Your Audience

One of the best ways to gain someone’s trust is to show you understand their experiences and who they are. By actively listening and demonstrating empathy, you build a connection that fosters open communication. This understanding translates into clearer and more targeted communication with your audience.

It will help you understand how to tailor messages specifically for your consumers, addressing their needs and concerns directly. This personalized approach strengthens the connection you’ve built and makes them more likely to return to your business, feeling valued and understood.

Here are a few ideas on how to get to know your audience:

  • Read reviews: Keep reviews on your website updated. Reviews reveal customer sentiment towards your products and services and can even indicate brand loyalty through repeat customer feedback.
  • Monitor social media comments: Taking the time to read and reply to comments on social media opens a two-way dialogue allowing you to understand your followers’ interests and perspectives. This simple response can provide a quick glimpse into who is truly interested in you and your message.
  • Live interviews: Why not just ask your audience their thoughts directly? Ask questions about their interests and concerns. Gathering these insights is a valuable resource for content creation.
  • Online analytics: Utilizing analytic tools, such as Google Analytics, can turn ideas about your audience into facts by showing you statistics like where they are located.

Researching your audience takes time and effort but it is well worth it. Understanding your target audience lets you tailor your message’s tone and voice, ensuring content that resonates and builds a connection.

2. Keep Content Consistent


Keeping content up to date on your site helps build trust between you and your customers.

When it comes to creating content, consistency is key regardless of the format you choose – written articles, social media posts, podcasts or videos. Consistent and organized posting establishes credibility with your customers and avoids confusion. When they know to expect your valuable information on specific days and times, it builds consumer trust and fosters a positive brand reputation.

Consistent presentation of a brand can increase revenue by 33%. When you create a unique voice for your business and consistently share it across all platforms, you make it easier for customers to remember and trust you. Your audience begins to understand what your brand represents and what to expect from your products or services.

This consistency extends beyond messaging. It encompasses your visual identity as well. When customers see your logo or other branding elements, they should instantly associate them with a particular feeling or experience. This association, in turn, leads to a positive customer experience that fosters loyalty and encourages repeat business.

3. Engage With Your Audience

Effective communication is crucial for initial audience acquisition and building lasting connections. One way to showcase a thriving and engaged customer base is by highlighting content that sparks conversations. Encouraging dialogue further strengthens your marketing strategy by prompting thoughtful responses to comments.

Just like in everyday life, responsiveness fosters trust. We’ve all experienced the frustration of dealing with unresponsive businesses. This is why two-way communication with your customers is so important.

When you prioritize customer satisfaction and exceed expectations with exceptional support, you can build strong, long-term relationships. Hubspot reinforces this with a powerful statistic: “Nearly 90% of consumers trust a company whose service they’ve rated as ‘very good’ to take care of their needs.” This statistic emphasizes the positive impact of exceeding expectations – it builds trust and loyalty, ultimately encouraging repeat business.

4. Use Your Website

A good first impression on your website is important for building trust with potential customers. Here are some ways to leverage your website to make a positive impact:

  • Consistency in your message: Make all your content consistent, including what goes on your website. When your brand has a specific voice, make sure it shows throughout all platforms. Letting your content stray away from your brand guidelines can lead to distrust since customers will sense a personality change.
  • Update your content: Make sure to publish new content regularly to show you care about your business. This can help increase traffic on your site, which inevitably increases business. This also shows you have real people working on your site, which is another terrific reason to have confidence in a business. More updates on your website can also help better your search rankings. By talking about your products and services often, your website will start to show up when people search for them, and you’ll have the bonus of staying up to date on the latest web technologies.
  • Make it easy to get in touch: A well-designed website allows for clear communication through features like chat, and easy-to-find phone numbers and an email address. This transparency demonstrates your business welcomes inquiries and isn’t afraid of customer interaction. Further enhance this trust by prominently displaying your contact information. Hubspot’s research highlights this point, revealing that “51% of people think ‘thorough contact information’ is the most important element missing from many company websites.” Making it easy to find your contact details, either through a dedicated “Contact Us” page or by displaying your phone number on every page, can significantly increase website traffic. Ultimately, by prioritizing clear and accessible communication channels, you’ll empower your audience to connect with a real person, fostering trust and loyalty.
  • Be accessible: According to Hootsuite, 15% of the world’s population, or at least one billion people, experience some form of disability. This emphasizes the importance of website accessibility for everyone, not just those with perfect vision or hearing.  Making your site work well with screen readers and catering to users with visual impairments isn’t just best practice, it ensures everyone can easily access your website.  This inclusivity benefits everyone.  In line with this commitment, our team at Three Girls Media has integrated accessiBe into our website to guarantee accessibility for all.
  • Educate rather than sell: People are increasingly wary of promotional content. Constant sales pitches can erode trust and audiences have become adept at tuning out advertisements.  In contrast, educational content positions your business as a reliable source of knowledge. By creating helpful and informative content, you demonstrate your company’s value and earn the attention of your audience. This shift from selling to educating fosters trust and long-term relationships with potential customers.
  • Show your personality: Authenticity is key. Letting your brand’s personality shine through helps customers relate to your business and fosters trust. Consider personalizing your website with team bios or an “About Us” page that features photos. While putting yourselves out there might feel odd initially, it makes your website feel more genuine and encourages engagement.  People are more likely to interact when they know who they’re talking to.

Websites play a large role in the trust-building journey for each customer. Following these ideas and showing that you are a relatable business will bring more traffic to your site.

5. Be Genuine

Brand loyalty

Customers can sense if a business is being real. To build loyal customers, be genuine and transparent in your brand story, values and communication.

In a world brimming with skeptical consumers, authenticity fosters human connection. Building customer loyalty hinges on creating emotional connections. Here’s where genuineness and transparency become your secret weapons. Don’t shy away from sharing your brand story – it’s what makes you unique.

This authenticity should permeate your entire business.  Clearly define your company’s values, believe in your message, and demonstrate genuine care for your audience. Honesty is key – be upfront about pricing and avoid making impossible promises.

Imagine yourself as a customer: you appreciate businesses that are clear about what they offer and the quality they deliver. Take a step back, evaluate your current approach, and embrace your true voice. This authenticity will resonate with customers and build lasting loyalty.


Building a loyal following might seem like a complex task with these five steps, but it boils down to marketing fundamentals. The key lies in reconnecting with the passion that fueled your business launch and focusing intently on your target audience. By prioritizing these core elements, you’ll naturally evolve into a brand that inspires loyalty in both your company culture and your customer base.

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