Here are 6 ways to promote your blog post.

Here are 6 ways to promote your blog post.

Blog posts are a great way to share information with readers and present yourself as an industry leader. Whether you’re writing how-to articles or providing insight into a topic, getting readers to your page is just as important. Last week I gave you 6 ways to promote your blog post and today I am here to give you 6 more.

6 Tips to Promoting a Blog Post

  1. Comment On Other Blogs

Writing comments and contributing to the conversation is a great way build relationships with customers and get eyes back to your site. Don’t forget about the social component of social media.

  1. Seek and Assist On Twitter

Do a simple search in Twitter on your blog topic and see if others are struggling with it. If you can reply, share your post and help them out, you are sure to get a new reader and follower. They may also share your post and username with their followers and the circle goes round and round.

  1. Add To Email Signature

Apps are great aren’t they? Wisestamp for Gmail adds the headline of your latest blog post straight to your email signature. This is an effective and simple way to share your work with others just by sending out emails you would have anyway!

  1. Share Your Blog Post With Target Customers

If you think your blog post is perfect for certain customers, send it to them directly. Add a personal message and make them feel important to you.

  1. Add Your Blog Post To Your Next Newsletter

Dedicate a portion of your newsletter to your blog posts. Introduce them in a new and interesting way to catch the eye of your readers; don’t forget to include an image, too!

  1. Ask Other Bloggers To Mention Your Post

Expand your reach by asking others to mention you and your blog on social media. Start by participating in #FollowFriday on Twitter to get and share the love.

Blogging for your business is one of the best things you can do to share information and spread the word about your company. Don’t be afraid to brag about and promote your post on social media to increase your readership and traffic back to your site. How else do you like to promote your blog?

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