What do you do after you write a blog post?

What do you do after you write a blog post?

Writing a blog post takes time and effort to start and complete. From topic generation to proofreading, a blog post is a piece of work that you should be proud of and want people to see. It can be challenging to build a readership if no one knows you wrote anything. This infographic explains the next steps that must be done after you’re done writing.

6 Ways to Promote a Blog Post

  1. Keyword Optimize Your Post

Go through your post and pick out the main points and terms. Add these phrases to programs like Google Adwords to find the most popular search topics and beef up your post with them; these terms will help your blog post appear higher in search engines.

  1. Syndicate Your Content

Have you ever noticed the RSS button, but wasn’t sure what it is for? This feature is a great way automatically update your readers to your new post, it even sends it directly to their social media pages!

  1. Shorten Your Post’s URL

By shortening the URL you are saving valuable character space, especially on sites like Twitter that only allow you 140! Services like bitly and ow.ly are perfect for just this step.

  1. Tailor Your Status Updates

When posting your blog article on social media, it can be tempting to just use your headline for each site. Think about each platform and create a post just for that group of followers. Consider phrasing a question or asking for followers’ thoughts and opinions on what you wrote; use this as an opportunity to engage with your fans. It is also a good idea to review when the best time to post on social media are for optimal interaction.

  1. Post Teasers on the Other Sites

Continue to promote your blog on social media sites by creating a dialog in a forum. Sites like LinkedIn that have discussion groups are great for sharing content and asking connections and fans to get involved with your work. Just make sure the group you share the post in is open to self-promotional posts! Some don’t want you to link to your own website.

  1. Bookmark Your Content

Become a part of the online community by bookmarking your work on popular sites like Reddit and StumbleUpon. Use this as an opportunity to like and comment on the work of others; social networking is a two way street after all!

Don’t let your hard work fall in the black hole of the Internet by not working a little more to promote it. Come back next week to read about even more ways to share a blog post and receive the fan interaction you’ve always wanted.

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