What are your favorite hashtags to use?

What are your favorite hashtags to use?

Hashtags on social media are one of the best ways to engage with fans and participate in trending topics. Whether you are on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using this symbol, #, can show off the fun side of your company and further connect your brand with customers. Here is a list of different hashtags and trends that you can use throughout the week to keep your social media pages fresh and interesting.


Hashtags for Everyday of the Week





Mondays tend to be public enemy number one for most people and there’s no shying away from it on social media. If you or your team is slow to start on Monday, post a picture with cups of coffee and the hashtag, #ManicMonday, to relate to others who are having a hard time at the beginning of the week.




Tuesdays are a great day to reflect on the progress your business and team has made. Recognize how far you’ve come and celebrate with the hashtag, #TuesdayTreat.




Use the middle of the week as a time to reflect on all the good things that have happened to your company. This is an ideal time to post a meme or picture that has a positive quote. Whether it’s a quote about wellness or business, make sure the message is inspiring.





One of the most popular trends on social media is #ThrowbackThursday. Now, many of the #TBT posts may be friends posting pictures of themselves 10 years ago or photos of kids and their parents, but there is room for your business in there too. Use the hashtag to post a picture of what your business looked like when it first started or a milestone you’re still proud of. This is the day to reminisce.





#FollowFriday is a great way to share information and spread the word about different accounts. If you have relationships with other brands or businesses in your community, include their social media handle and encourage your fans to follow them.




Saturday, for many people, is the time to get out there and shake off the week. If you or your team did something exciting or interesting this is the time to share it; fans appreciate the personal connection.





You don’t have to be Kim Kardashian to take a selfie and post it on social media. Selfies can be a great way to share your weekend with fans and encourage them to post and share as well.

Using these hashtags and trends is a great way to engage in the conversation on social media. How do you connect with fans? What are your favorite hashtags to use?

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