Kim Kardashian: 3 Lessons from a Social Media Titan

Kim Kardashian: 3 Lessons from a Social Media Titan
What social media lessons could your business learn from Kim Kardashian?

What social media lessons could your business learn from Kim Kardashian?

Ah, Kim Kardashian. This name has become one of the most talked about in recent history. Whether you love her, hate her, or just love to hate her, there is no denying that she has turned her own life into a multi-million dollar empire and the public is buying into it. I personally am a fan of Kim K. and her family; I love to keep up with them and have bought into their brand. Whether or not you watch their shows, buy her perfume or read their books, the Kardashians are a force in the current social climate and are not going anywhere any time soon. You don’t get over 22 million Twitter followers and countless endorsement deals on accident. That being said, you could learn a lesson or two from Mrs. Kanye West.

3 Social Media Lessons from Kim Kardashian

  1. Connect With Your Audience

In recent history I can’t think of anyone or anything that has grabbed ahold of viewers more than Kim K. Something about her has captivated audiences for nearly 10 years since her show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, first aired. Millions of girls want to be her and be just like her, and everyone wants to know her business. Through personal appearances and social media accounts, Kim gives her audience a piece of her life and they eat it up.

  1. Update Your Accounts Regularly

Kim Kardashian is present and attentive on all of her social media accounts. Her Instagram account shows over 16 million followers and for the month of June she posted 65 pictures, while her Twitter feed shows roughly 3 tweets per day. This is an incredible tool in her success because the more the tweets and posts, the more people can see her face and engage with her. Like a business website, if people see that you’re not updating and posting new content, why would they invest in you?

  1. Make Social Media Your Business

Kim Kardashian isn’t just a person, she is also a brand. Because she isn’t your traditional celebrity actor or musician, you might think that she’s just all over social media for attention. Maybe that’s true, but with web sales soaring through the roof thanks to social media, who wouldn’t want a few more eyes on them? By 2015, 50% of web sales will take place via social media. Getting your brand online could mean greater sales and success than if you were offline.

Kim Kardashian may or may not be your cup of tea, but you cannot deny that she has found a way to become incredibly famous and amazingly successful in her own unique way. What other lessons do you think you can learn from one of the most famous women on the planet?


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