Media Advisories: How to Use Them for Your Business’ Benefit

Media Advisories: How to Use Them for Your Business’ Benefit

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Though media advisories and press releases both help spread the word about your business to the media, they have slightly different purposes. While a press release is sent either in the hopes a journalist will run a story about the company or mention an event or online for SEO purposes, a media advisory invites the journalists themselves to come to a company event with the hope that that event, and the information revealed during it, is reported on.

  • Why Send Them?

Why should you send a media advisory? Quite simply, those journalists that come will most likely cover the event, giving you instant exposure.  You also don’t have to worry about creating the story yourself; the event is the story and you can have numerous media outlets in attendance, each sharing with their audience about you.


  • Events

Knowing what to send a media advisory for is as important as knowing how to send it. You can send media advisories for events open to the public such as a speech or tradeshow, or you could even host a private event only open to the press. This is called a news conference and can be used to reveal a new product or service, respond to customer concerns, or just update on company news.


  • Timing is Everything

Persistence is key when sending media advisories. Send them about 8 weeks in advance of the event, send again one month in advance and then again two weeks in advance.


  • Questions to Ask

You need to answer particular questions in a media advisory in order to give journalists the information they need. Tell them what your event is all about in a ‘what,’ ‘when,’ ‘where,’ ‘why,’ ‘how,’ and, ‘what else’ format.


  • Keep it Brief

A media advisory should not be an essay. It is an invitation. You should use brief paragraphs to answer the necessary questions and have everything wrapped up in under one page.


  • Keep in Contact

The media should be able to contact you for more information or questions. You should leave your name, phone number, email, company website, or other site or contact the press or public can interface with you through and get more information about the event.

Whether you want to send a press release or media advisory, we are here to help. If you have any questions, want more information or guidance, contact us today!

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