Don’t expect to see immediate results.

Don’t expect to see immediate results.

Facebook advertising took several important steps in 2013 and now businesses have many tools at their disposal for organic and paid social media opportunities. So what should beginners know about Facebook advertising for 2014? Here are 4 tips to use in your social media strategy this year.

1. Sponsored Stories – Facebook has announced that sponsored stories will come to an end on April 9,2014, with social context advertising taking it’s place. Facebook’s developer’s roadmap explains that it now has more efficient ways to advertise, other than sponsored stories:

“In an effort to better align our Ads API with our Ads Simplification effort, we’re making changes to simplify the creative data model to be more intuitive. The focus of creative will be on the promoted object and the creative assets instead of the creative type, making them more consistent across promoted object types.”

The upcoming changes are expected to help advertisers in their social media strategy by designing more coherent and effective campaigns.

2. Call to ActionFacebook ads are just like any other form of advertising; you want to get people to notice you and buy your services or products. In order to do that you must give your audience something they want so they click on your ad. A good idea for your social media strategy is to try using questions as your headline and offer a freebie or discount in your Facebook advertising to get people’s attention. Give your audience a reason to click on your ad and learn more about your company.

3. Custom Audiences – Did you know Facebook allows you to import your email lists or phone number lists into the Power Editor and it will match up the email addresses or phone numbers with the Facebook user? It’s great for businesses who want to customize their Facebook advertising posts directly to a specific group of people. However, Facebook won’t be able to match your entire database (anywhere from 10% to 30% tend to match up), but this is a great option to look into for your social media strategy.

4. Don’t Give Up – Finally, like all good things in life, results from your Facebook advertising will take time. Don’t expect to see immediate results. If there are no results after some time, then take a look at the analytics and try to figure out what you can do differently. Use the data gleaned from any failed ad campaign to help you create a successful one. It might simply be changing the headline or creating a custom landing page for your ads.

Have you run a successful Facebook advertising campaign? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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