How will you fix your social media mistakes?

How will you fix your social media mistakes?

We have all done it. We have messed up and made an unforeseen mistake at work, and regardless of how small or massive it is in nature, the biggest challenge is not in admitting that a mistake was made but in the recovery. In marketing, social media and public relations a poor choice can shake the stability of the campaign as a whole and can leave you and your fans wondering what will come next. In this blog post, we identify three social media mistakes that can easily be overcome with some genuine apologetic damage control. 

Three Social Media Mistakes & Ways to Recover:

1. Typos: It happens to everyone; you put a p where you meant to put an ‘o’ or an ‘e’ where you meant for an ‘r’ to be. Typos will happen, but luckily, most social media platforms will allow for some small edits to be made; and if not, then address the little flub up and use it as a way to engage your fans. Try drafting an update that acknowledges the fact that you made a mistake and asking your fans about the funniest mistake they ever made on social media. This is a great way to move forward with your fans understanding that social media may be technological, but your brand is rooted and supported by real people.

2. The Profile Mix-Up: Nothing is more petrifying then knowing that your business pages are linked to your personal pages as most social media platforms like Facebook allow. What happens if you are in a hurry and accidentally post a personal update that may or may not be appropriate for a professional page? Well, you wouldn’t be the first person to ever make the heart attack inducing mistake, and you certainly won’t be the last. Your responsibility here is simple; make every effort to remove or hide any offensive content and apologize to the fans and followers that could have been offended by the situation. If handled correctly this could even inspire a stronger following.

3.The Negative Nancy: This is where a lot of social media beginners get confused. Someone posts negatively on your page so you hide it or delete it instantaneously. WRONG! Negative commentary can actually serve as a great building block for fan interaction and retention. I know, I know, you think I’m crazy, but it’s true! When a negative comment is posted on one of your social media platforms, don’t respond with more negativity and don’t delete the content because that won’t make it go away. Instead, address it with some style and grace. Responding with concern will humanize the brand and show that you care about the opinions of your demographic.

Social media platforms can be intimidating and campaigns require a great sense of care, but the end result can be immensely gratifying. If you are looking for quality social media marketing services, we urge you to give us a jingle today; we can’t wait to spread the good news about you!

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