Marketing Plan Tip: Using Google Plus for Business

Marketing Plan Tip: Using Google Plus for Business

Did you include social media as a component of your marketing plan this year? Which networks are you focusing on? If Google Plus isn’t part of the plan yet, it should be.

Google Plus Statistics

Here's why Google Plus needs to be part of your company's social media marketing plan.

Here’s why Google Plus needs to be part of your company’s social media marketing plan.

Google Plus is an incredibly valuable resource for business owners – especially when it comes to increasing website traffic. Just look at these statistics:

  • 300 million active users; 63% male, 37% female
  • 22% of US online adults visit Google Plus each month, which is the same number who use Twitter and more than those who use LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram.
  • 28% of Google Plus users make at least $60,000 per year
  • Top brands have 90% as many followers on Google Plus as on Twitter and more followers than on YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram combined.
  • Google Plus posts generate almost as much engagement as Facebook updates and almost twice as much engagement as their Twitter updates.
  • Preferred content:
    • Questions receive 188% more comments
    • Animated GIFs receive 39% more +1s
    • Videos receive 28.6% more +1s
    • Quotes receive 16% more +1s
    • Images receive 9.4% more +1s
  • According to HubSpot, 15% of marketers acquired at least one customer from this social media channel last year.

In addition to these numbers, their newest feature actually lets you see how often your content is seen. It counts your collective views for pictures, updates and your profile since October 2012.

5 Benefits to Google Plus in Your Marketing Plan

Still not sure if you want to include Google Plus in the social media component of your marketing plan? The more active you are on this network, the more likely you’ll show up in related organic Google searches. Here are just four of the benefits it offers:

  1. When users share or +1 your updates, it positively affects your search engine rankings, increasing your website traffic.
  2. Having a Google Plus page makes it easier for your business to be found locally; your page is included directly in the search results, increasing your website traffic. Also, by creating a Google Plus Local Page you can include pictures, videos, reviews and more instead of just an address and phone number.
  3. You can link your Google Plus profile to your website or blog so your picture comes up next to Google search results; this leads to higher click-through rates and increased website traffic.
  4. Google Plus can be linked with the company’s other tools, such as Google Analytics and AdWords, to make promoting your brand online even more effective and efficient. In fact, if your Google Plus account is connected to your AdWords account, your ads can be targeted even more precisely; this increases the Click Through Rate and, ultimately, increases your website traffic (notice a theme?).
  5. Google Plus is the only social platform that allows you to group your fans into ‘circles.’ By creating a series of circles, for example ones for current clients, leads and previous clients, you can highly target your posts to each individual audience. This type of micro-marketing can be extremely effective and help keep your business top-of-mind.

These benefits only scratch the surface when it comes to using Google Plus. Want to learn more about using social media as part of your marketing plan? Contact us! We’re happy to answer your questions and provide even more tips and tricks.

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