Do you have a new product or service you can’t wait to spread the word about? Write a press release.


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Press releases come in handy when you want to share your story with the public via the media. It’s important to write a press release when you have something new to debut because it’s a format reporters are comfortable with. A good press release in the proper format should be compact and easy to digest. Here are some items to include when writing a press release to really make your story shine.

A Genuine Headline

A good headline draws readers in. It should be engaging and factually accurate. If you’re unsure where to start or how your headline should sound, browse the web or a newspaper and pick out headlines that really grab your attention. When writing yours, make sure it clearly expresses what your ‘news’ is.

Important Facts First

Follow the Inverted Pyramid guideline and place all of the pertinent information about your product or service in the first paragraph. Often, the media will not read further if they aren’t interested. Grab their attention right away and you’ll get noticed.

A Human Element

Adding a quote from your president, CEO or one of your satisfied customers can go a long way in getting your press release noticed. Reporters like stories with a human element to catch reader’s attention. No one wants to speak to a large corporation; they want to speak with a person with whom they can relate.

Contact Information

If reporters are interested in your story, they need to be able to contact you! In addition to including your contact information at the top of the press release, make sure to include some additional information about you and your company at the end of the press release in an ‘about’ section. You can provide relevant links to pictures, your website and your company’s vision and mission statement.

By adding these elements to your press release, you are strengthening your chances of getting noticed by the media and spreading your story. A strong press release speaks for you and your company and will help grow your business.


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