YouTube is not just for home movies and music covers. It is a great way for business owners to gain a meaningful following of online subscribers. Using a YouTube channel can help with your brand’s online reputation. Here are 4 tips for getting the most out of channels on YouTube for business owners.

Photo Courtesy of: Rego Korosi

Photo Courtesy of: Rego Korosi

YouTube for Business Owners: 4 Tips

  1. Post Regularly

The most popular channels on YouTube post regular content on a consistent basis. Adding new and relevant videos as often as possible will bring your channel to the forefront and drive subscribers. Ideally, try to always post at the same time of day so your viewers know where and when to find you.

  1. Teach Your Audience

Posting “How-To” videos is a great way to use YouTube for business purposes and attract more viewers. By positioning yourself as the expert in your field, you’ll see more interest in your business as well as on your YouTube channel.

  1. Call Viewers to Act

Including a call to action is important in translating your online viewers into customers. Adding your company name, tagline and website at the end of your video is a good way to remind them about your business so they will remember you. Another good way to drive fan engagement on your videos is to ask a question or their opinion. Ask them to post comments on your video and when they do, respond to them in a timely manner to foster fan relationships.

  1. Make Subscribing Easy

Viewers won’t look very hard to find the ‘subscribe’ button on your channel, so make it easy for them! Make sure your channel’s page is designed simply and allows viewers to clearly see where they can subscribe or find more information about your company.
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