Recently while listening to Pandora, I heard an interesting instance of content marketing that I found to be a great approach. Not a likely contender to make a music station, underwear producer Fruit of the Loom created a summer mix that was breezy and enjoyable! (I listened to it while writing this post.)

Filled with hits like Bitter Sweet Symphony and classics like Summer In The City, the station had a great vibe which fit perfectly with the brand’s summer campaign. In addition to Fruit of the Loom’s curated station, here are two more instances of creative content marketing this summer.

This is a picture of flip flops on a beach.

Check out how these brands used content marketing for their summer campaigns.

[Creative Content Marketing] 3 Great Summer Approaches

  1. Fruit of the Loom’s Summer Pandora Mix
  2. Chase Bank’s ‘Summer Would You Rather?’ Buzzfeed Quiz

A new twist on a classic game, Chase partnered up to create a great Buzzfeed article that got fans talking, interacting and daydreaming about summer plans. Filled with tough choices like deciding to live in a houseboat all summer or a treehouse, and choosing to have sand in your hair or between your toes, the game got me thinking about the best ways to enjoy summer.

Well in line with their brand, this summer approach was a great example of using content marketing to reach your audience, while still plugging your brand’s benefits. In addition to the fun, Chase collected and calculated the results of others, making the game social and more engaging.

  1. Visit Las Vegas’ ’12 Weeks of Vegas Season’ Sweepstakes

Another creative content marketing approach is to host a giveaway with the goals of generating buzz and spreading the word about your brand. Visit Las Vegas’ summer sweepstakes is a great summer campaign that showcases the fun spirit and competition of Las Vegas. Called the ’12 Weeks of Vegas Season’ sweepstakes, the giveaway gets fans excited all summer for the chance to win the prize.

Fruit of the Loom, Chase Bank and Visit Las Vegas all wowed their followers with their creative content marketing approaches for summer. By using the season’s excitement to create a buzz around their brands, they gained an audience and spread their name. What other creative content marketing approaches have you seen that are great for summer?



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