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How effective is your company’s content marketing?

Is content marketing part of your public relations plan? If you blog for your business, manage your company’s social media accounts (such as Facebook or Google+) or send out an e-newsletter, then the answer is yes!

How can you be sure each piece of content you create for your company is high quality? SEMrush recently hosted a Twitter chat about just this subject, and I thought several of their points were especially helpful!

7 Content Marketing Tips & Tricks

  1. First, define measurable goals. What’s the purpose of this specific content? Is it to drive traffic to your website? To build a relationship with your social media followers? To inform current and potential customers of a new product or service? Make sure that you have a way to measure your goal so you know if your strategy was successful in 6 months or a year.
  2. Develop a strategy. Once you know your goals, think about how you plan to achieve them.
  3. Listen to your audience! Pay attention to questions they ask and take a look at the analytics to see which content seems to be most popular. Although you don’t want to rewrite the same post over and over again, if you notice one article has a lot more viewers than the others, think about related information or insight you can provide.
  4. Write well. Content marketing success hinges on your ability to share your brand through the written word, so make sure you spell everything correctly, use proper language and write clearly.
  5. Use formatting to your advantage. When it’s appropriate, use clear headings, make paragraphs short and use bullet points and/or numbered lists.
  6. Spend time on the headline. The headline will attract readers, so you want to pique their interest quickly. Be timely and use numbers when possible. In fact, one strategy is to write the headline last so that it will naturally form based on your content.
  7. Remember the conclusion. Make sure you include a strong call to action, too.

With these 7 tips and tricks – defining goals, developing a strategy, listening to your audience, writing well, formatting to your advantage, spending time on the headline and remembering the conclusion – your content marketing can really help your business stand out.

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