Content marketing is not only a way to insert your brand into your customer’s view, but is also a way to build a larger story and ambiance for your company. Well-placed content marketing can take on a variety of shapes and forms, but here are the 4 best examples of content marketing and how their creatively-placed content helped their brand soar.

Is your business using content marketing?

Is your business using content marketing?

4 Best Examples of Content Marketing

  1. Red Bull

Red Bull energy drink didn’t just create the tagline, “Gives You Wings;” it actually gave Felix Baumgartner wings! I had the pleasure of working for Red Bull when they launched Red Bull Stratos, a brilliant content marketing scheme with the goal of dropping a man from the edge of space. In addition to setting a new world record, the company blasted their brand to the television sets of millions of potential customers.

  1. LEGO

Another great example of content marketing is ‘The LEGO Movie.’ Creating a feature-length film was an innovative way to revitalize the brand and remind customers of their presence. Adding in some political commentary was another way to win over their audience and make a bigger name for the brand.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is at the forefront of content marketing by embracing user-generated content. This is a win-win strategy for users and the company because it allows people to become influencers and gain recognition on the site. In exchange, LinkedIn is given a seemingly endless stream of content to inform its users, making it a leader in industry news.

  1. Birchbox

A subscription-based beauty service, Birchbox is leading the retail industry by using content marketing. They produce helpful guides and videos about beauty and grooming for men and women. Giving their users free tips adds value to their service and increases customer loyalty.

When it comes to content marketing, these 4 brands are paving their way to success. Spreading your brand’s awareness through content marketing is quickly becoming a go-to method of sharing your story. Businesses of all sizes can participate in the conversation. For help with content marketing or managing your brand’s reputation, contact your team at Three Girls Media today.

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