3 Great Content Marketing Ideas for Thanksgiving

3 Great Content Marketing Ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly and there are many ways for your business to use the holiday to your advantage. By creating a Thanksgiving content marketing plan, you’ll gain valuable opportunities to reach your fans and customers on a personal level and show them you care. Here are three great ideas for Thanksgiving content marketing.

Do you have any Thanksgiving-themed content marketing plans?

Do you have any Thanksgiving-themed content marketing plans?

Thanksgiving Content Marketing: 3 Great Ideas

  1. Offer Thanksgiving Tips

A great way to insert your name into your customers’ minds is to give some tips for the Thanksgiving season. You likely offer some for the end-of-the-year holidays, but by creating ones specifically centered on being thankful or showcasing seasonal tips, your business will stand out. Create a list of helpful advice for those within your industry; if you are a decorator you can show people how to create a Thanksgiving centerpiece, while a technology company could offer tips for holding successful Black Friday online sales.

  1. Sell a Seasonal Product

Thanksgiving is a great time to offer seasonal products your customers can only get during the holiday season. Offering items that only happen once a year can drive urgency and attract customers that may be interested in novelty products. Jones Soda is a great example; their infamous Thanksgiving Dinner-themed sodas add a laugh to any holiday gathering. Try to insert yourself into your customers’ seasonal celebrations; Moonstruck Chocolate even has a life-size chocolate turkey!

  1. Hold a Contest or Promotion

People love to get involved on social media, so be sure to include a contest or online promotion during the Thanksgiving season. Make it fun and on-theme; you can start by asking people what they’re thankful for or have them share a story about a time when they felt swept away with the giving spirit. Another way to get your fans involved is to show your thanks with a special promotion; you can offer a discount to those who have liked you on social media or signed up for your e-newsletter.

Offering thanksgiving-themed tips, selling a seasonal product and holding a social media promotion are all ways to involve your audience in your holiday content marketing plan. How do you show thanks to your fans and customers?

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