How Small Businesses Can Set Up Effective Social Media Ads

How Small Businesses Can Set Up Effective Social Media Ads

Social media advertising is incredibly important in this day and age. How can you make sure you’re managing your ads effectively? Find out in this blog post I wrote for the Small Biz Lady at

Most small business owners know a social media presence is important for their marketing. However, for a strong social presence, is not enough on its own. You must also have a great website, consistent quality content and it’s important to invest in social media advertising as well. The biggest players in online ads for small businesses are Facebook and Google AdWords Express.

How to Run Successful Online Ads

Your digital marketing strategy starts with building your web presence you’re your landing pages. Many businesses overlook four crucial steps to an effective advertising campaign. As you begin a social media advertising campaign for your small business, make sure you aren’t guilty of missing these important elements:

1. Select Your Ad Platform Carefully.

Where are your target users? It’s extremely important you know which social media platform(s) they use most frequently.

For example, if you’re trying to reach millennials, you may want to invest in Instagram ads or if you want to reach Gen X parents you may want to advertise on Facebook, whereas if you’re trying to target other business owners, LinkedIn may be a good fit.

Discover what the remaining steps are here.

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