Infographic: Why You Need to Invest in Pinterest

Infographic: Why You Need to Invest in Pinterest

By now, nearly every business owner knows that maintaining an active presence on social media is essential. The question these days is, “Which platforms?” Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are practically mandatory for any business that wants to remain competitive. However, there’s one social platform that many companies overlook in their marketing strategy: Pinterest.


Not only is Pinterest growing rapidly, but 90% of pinners use Pinterest to make purchase decisions. This fact makes the platform a great way to reach potential customers early in the decision-making process.


Pinterest users tend to be on the hunt for new ideas. As a result, they are much more likely to be receptive to branded content and click through to a website. The platform can draw visibility to both small and large businesses alike.  


Another reason to use Pinterest is that it is easier for smaller brands and users to rank alongside larger brands or influencers. Pinterest sorts purely by interest and relevance, so a larger brand that creates similar content to you will not automatically get preference in the search results. Even if you’re short on cash for advertising, Pinterest is a worthwhile marketing investment.


If you want your brand to be discovered by new users, who are already primed to make a purchase, Pinterest is the ideal platform. To get started on promoting your brand through Pinterest, check out this infographic by Fundera.




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