Two Minute Marketing Tips: Use Facebook and LinkedIn Like a Pro

Two Minute Marketing Tips: Use Facebook and LinkedIn Like a Pro

Three Girls Media CEO, Erika Taylor Montgomery, is dispensing nuggets of marketing wisdom in her new micro-podcast, Two Minute Marketing Tips.


This week’s episode goes into two of the most important social media platforms for businesses: Facebook and LinkedIn. As the most popular social platform in the world, Facebook content gives businesses access to billions of potential audience members. In contrast, LinkedIn has a more focused agenda and narrower audience. However, its professional focus makes it essential for businesses seeking to improve their  networking and outreach efforts.


Learn how to create eye-catching, audience-building content for each social media platform by listening to the podcasts at the links below:



To hear more Two Minute Marketing Tips you can download the Chirp micro-podcasting app for iOS in the app store, and search for Erika by name (Erika Montgomery) or find all of her podcasts online here.


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