By now, you should be familiar with the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). Like everything else in business, especially marketing, there’s an art to it that comes with experience. At Three Girls Media, not only do our team of marketing and PR specialists have that experience, but we constantly strive to improve, stay on top of current trends and push the envelope of what SEO can do for our clients. To drive traffic to your business’s website, the strategic use of SEO practices is key. Three Girls Media’s new tiered SEO service packages are a great place to start!

Why Is SEO Important?

Woman shopping on line on mobile device
Did you know 87% of all shoppers begin their product searches online?

It’s self-evident that thorough SEO generates better search results, and it logically follows that ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERP) drives more traffic to your company’s website. But that oversimplification undersells just how valuable SERP rankings can be. Statistics show that as much as 93% of web traffic starts with a search engine. Even if yours is a brick-and-mortar retail business without an online shop, 87% of shoppers start their product searches online. And because sites with more traffic get higher organic SERP rankings, there can be a bit of a snowball effect. In short, the better your business’s SERP ranking, the better your business’s SERP ranking becomes.

There a few more points not everyone understands about SEO and SERPs: First, search engines like Google occasionally update the algorithms that run behind the scenes to rank their SERP results. Google dominates the search engine space (as many as 86% of searches start with Google), and each time they update their algorithms, your SERP results could change. While not every update has a major impact, keeping up with them can be time-consuming; that’s where our SEO expertise comes into play: It’s what we do so our clients don’t have to.

Second, while web traffic is the biggest motivating factor behind high-quality SEO, even social media platforms like YouTube increasingly rely on SERPs. As social media marketing continues to gain a more important foothold in the business world, the impact SEO can have on your company’s success starts to look exponential. Three Girls Media stays on top of the trends that drive digital marketing, making us an industry leader in innovative SEO strategies.

SEO Experts

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However small your business, Three Girls Media offers the right-sized package of SEO services for you.

The Three Girls Media team has years of industry-leading SEO expertise, which has garnered us recognition as the “Most Innovative Social Media Marketing Firm in Washington State” by Corporate Vision Magazine. We’re happy to announce we’re making our SEO services more affordable and scalable to meet different-sized business plans and budgets. Depending on the size and needs of your business, you can now choose from our tiered SEO service bundles.

For as little as $300 a month, you can select the right fit from the following scaled SEO service packages:

  • $300 Package: Three pieces of optimized content per month.
  • $400 Package: Four pieces of optimized content per month.
  • $500 Package: Five pieces of optimized content per month.

At each level, our clients receive the same high-quality SEO services, with the same attention to detail. Each service bundle includes:

  • Creation of SEO-friendly headlines and sub-headlines.
  • Use of high-value keywords.
  • Licensed photos with captions.
  • Researching and adding meaningful hyperlinks.
  • Keyword-rich copywriting.
  • Adding meta-descriptions.
  • Geo-tagging images.
  • Incorporating alt tags.
  • Other SEO best practices.

SEO Services For Every Budget

Our month-to-month SEO packages offer value and flexibility for every business, especially companies with smaller or varying marketing budgets, seasonal businesses or rapidly growing companies that may need additional services as their revenue grows. Whatever your business’s needs, size or budget, optimizing content for the best possible search engine results is increasingly beneficial. As no less an authority than Forbes argues, exceptional SEO should be the “foundation of any digital marketing strategy.”

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Let Three Girls Media help make your company easier to find for all your customers.

Whether you’re ready to establish your brand, grow your business, get a leg up on your competition or just enhance the success your company already enjoys, any one of our tiered SEO service packages can help. It’s important to note, however, that for these SEO service bundles, Three Girls Media will optimize existing content your business provides, rather than creating new content. We continue to offer content creation services, but not as part of these specific packages. Instead, if you’re interested in a higher level of support that includes content creation, you might want to consider our complete content marketing or blogging services.

Whatever level of SEO or marketing support your company needs, Three Girls Media has the expertise and agility to fit your needs. Our new tiered levels of SEO services are simply the latest innovation in how we can help. Check out our complete list of marketing and PR service offerings and see what fits your needs best!

Our Three Girls Media blog regularly features articles on a wide range of marketing, PR and other business topics. If you’d like to know more, contact us to set up a free 30-minute consultation with our CEO, Erika Taylor Montgomery. We look forward to working with you!

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