This may be surprising, but I’ve found that there isn’t a huge difference between social media marketers and stand-up comedians. How is this possible? Well, it’s simple. The way people on the internet consume content mimics that of an audience. As an admirer of stand-up comedians, I’ve noticed several similarities between a good joke and solid web content. In this blog post we discuss some key things to remember when you’re blogging, updating your social media or even crafting jokes to tell an audience!

  1. Have A Great Personality– This might seem obvious, but it can really make a difference in telling jokes AND keeping users on your site. Having personality in your social media updates or web content allows the viewer to see they are not simply dealing with robots and algorithms in the computer; there are real people behind the company.
  2. Be Unpredictable– Comedians don’t tell the same joke over and over, even if it got the best laugh a few weeks ago. Switch things up and do something new. People get bored easily, and if they see the same content on your social media week after week, they’ll move on. Use a variety of content such as images, video, infographics, articles, questions and quotes.
  3. Be Concise– Nothing is worse than a rambling joke that takes too long to reach the punch line. The same goes for web content. Get to the point with your blog article or social media update and get to it fast. Your audience doesn’t have time to read lengthy articles or paragraph-long posts on Facebook. Tighten it up.
  4. Be Immediate– Stand-up comedians must draw the crowd in as quickly as possible. Start off with a bang to get their attention and then keep them there. Social media operates in much the same way. You’re competing with so many other websites, Twitter accounts, TikToks, etc. Show them immediately why they should pay attention to you.
  5. Target Your Audience– Knowing your audience is key. I can tell jokes about Olympia, Washington, when I’m in Olympia because the crowd will understand. I can’t do this anywhere else because they’ll fall flat. Take the time to understand who you’re writing for on your blog or social media platforms. This will help you earn their trust and keep them coming back for more.
  6. Be Unique– Make sure you’re posting unique content. Stand-up comedians understand that audiences appreciate fresh jokes just like social media viewers enjoy unique, interesting content.

When it comes to web content don’t pull a Gallagher — just keep things fresh and fun. Maybe take a look at some of the most famous stand-up comedians to learn their ways. Who is your favorite comedian and how can you show your personality in your company’s social media like they do in their routines?

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