Customer Engagement: Social Media Marketing & Internet Culture

Customer Engagement: Social Media Marketing & Internet Culture

Tapping into the power of Internet culture can improve your social media marketing and customer engagement.


Tap into Millennial Internet culture to boost your social media marketing success.

For those of you unfamiliar with Internet culture, it’s time to get acquainted. As customer engagement with businesses continues to grow predominately online and via social media, the need to understand Internet users becomes vital. These users are no longer simply “geeks” with a dial-up modem. I grew up with the Internet, evolving with the conversion to wireless, and don’t know life without it. This is what many Internet users are like today–highly engaged with the technological world, because they’ve always had it.

Millennials, Internet users of my generation, are precisely who businesses should be targeting with their social media marketing, because we offer the chance to build lifelong relationships and become advocates for brands. People share information via word of mouth less frequently; today, it’s all about social media. If someone buys a new pair of Nikes, they aren’t going to call all their friends to brag–they are going to snap a photo on their cell phone, upload it to Instagram and share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Millennial Internet culture has the power to make or break a business. Tap into it!

Here are some social media marketing tips to keep customer engagement high with the Millennial generation:

1. Short posts – The acronym “TL;DR” means “Too long; didn’t read.” My generation, thanks to a combination of factors, has a short attention span–hence, Twitter-length is the optimal way to digest information. Keep your social media posts concise, otherwise we’ll skip it and move onto something around 140 characters in length.

2. Multimedia – Along with the short attention span, Internet babies are drawn toward multimedia posts: videos, photos, gifs, etc. Make a short video on Vine to showcase your product, tweet photos, or add links to your posts. Your social media updates should include more than text, or else we’re moving on.

3. Style – Websites and social media have come a long way since the old HTML sites. If your blog looks as though it was built in the 90s and never grew out of the shoulder pad phase, you’re going to lose customer engagement. There are many website platforms (such as WordPress) with pre-made themes for free or to purchase that look slick and will keep the Internet culture happy.

If you want to turn your social media marketing into a positive experience and boost your customer engagement, utilize the power of the Millennial Internet culture–they know what they want and will tweet to everyone about it.

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