Social Media Marketing: 4 Tips for Increasing Fan Engagement

Posting consistently and offering valuable content are great ways to spread your brand’s image using social media marketing. Engaging with customers through social channels can show fans you’re interested in them and are accessible to reach. Here are 4 tips for increasing fan engagement across all social media platforms.

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How are you engaging with fans on social media?

4 Social Media Tips for Increasing Fan Engagement

  1. Include Your Fans

The simplest way to encourage your fans to engage with you is to engage with them! Share updates about a valued customer, re-tweet them, or give a shout-out to your fans. They will appreciate the extra love and it will help you be more accessible and encourage brand loyalty.

  1. Use Photos

Images can significantly increase your content’s chances of getting viewed and shared. Research shows 40 percent of people are more likely to respond to images than text. If you’re spreading information via social media, be sure to include images your audience will be interested in for maximum fan engagement. A great way to encourage comments is to hold a caption contest for images.

3. Interact Often

Interacting on social media is one of the best ways to encourage fan engagement. That means it’s important to post regularly. Ask users questions or hold polls on your next promotions. Social media channels can also be a great way to branch out your customer service by offering to solve complaints or field questions via your profiles.

  1. Join the Conversation

Knowing what people are talking about and joining in on the conversation is a great way to build a following. React quickly to current events, join in on a hashtag or hold a poll on hot issues to get involved.

Including your fans, sharing images, reaching out often and participating in current conversations are all great tips to increase user interactions and make your social media profiles shine. For more advice on getting the most out of your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest pages, read additional articles on our blog today.

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