We are living amidst a Mecca of digital advancements, and with the ever-changing technological environment our lives have become driven by email and online messaging. While the times and technologies evolve so do marketing strategies and best practices. E-Newsletters have become a staple in viral marketing plans built both for recruitment and retention purposes, but what we have found is that e-newsletters also serve great purpose for small and emerging businesses and organizations. Here’s why:

Affordability: E-Newsletters are a very affordable way to reach a mass amount of people via email. With various platforms and template builders, a newsletter is cost efficient and well worth the minimal cost, and doesn’t require the printing and mailing costs hard-copy newsletters need.

Brand Loyalty: Staying in regular contact with your current, past and potential customers is a small way to let each of them know that they are being thought of even when a purchase or service is not being made. Keeping in contact will keep your brand or organization on the minds of your desired demographic, enhance referrals and will keep the various conversations that include you and your brand active.

Efficiency: An email campaign can reach a large amount of followers in a much smaller amount of time compared to other forms of direct marketing. Email has been described as being the most persuasive and time efficient way to reaching individuals in this day and age. Marketing campaigns should supplement the product or brand itself and should help foster its success overall; a time efficient method allows for focus to continue on other efforts as needed.

Company Growth: E-Newsletters are a convenient way to reach out to new and existing audiences and/or demographics. The click-throughs and follow up actions inspired by the presence of an e-newsletter allow growth of the company message, mission statement and stories to various readers.

Measurable Displays of Efforts: Anything online can be tracked, but an e-newsletter is a great way to measure the success of any given campaign. Depending on which platform you use, tools can be used to measure how many views and click throughs occurred as well as new subscriptions and forwards.

An e-newsletter is a simple way to spark growth, measure your marketing goals and results and utilize a beneficial tool in spreading the great news about you! Here at Three Girls Media and Marketing we specialize in creating quality templates and content for e-newsletters and are always happy to help build your business and brand.

Special Offer: Three Girls Media & Marketing Inc. loves working with small and emerging companies to raise their brand awareness and name recognition. We offer a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation and can discuss your specific brand marketing needs. Email info@ThreeGirlsMedia.com to make your appointment today!

Photo Credit: Rob Enslin

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