The phrase, “create more content,” has passed through many ears and the pressure to perfect your content writing skills seems higher than ever. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: Not all content is written. It’s not all words and cleverness. In fact, the best content actually falls in the opposite category of the written word. Check out these four ways to perfect your content writing without giving yourself carpal tunnel syndrome.

4 Non-Written Content Ideas 

It doesn't have to be like learning cursive again!

Is writing content like learning cursive again? 

1. Photos

Don’t you love it when you receive a great picture on your phone, or when someone posts an image that reminds them of you on your Facebook wall? That, my friend, is content. With the phone replacing your typical point-and-shoot camera, pictures are the best (and fastest) way to spread the word. The best kind of content writing is the piece that tells a thousand words with no writing from you.

2. Infographics

I love infographics. These information-packed images require very little content writing and allow you to get creative and have fun with information. They will require a little more research on your end, but post one of these and your content just earned the share-able nod. 

3. Video

The number one way to get your content shared is to create great videos. The only writing required for video is a clever script, but that’s about half the length of a blog post – just 250-300 words. According to YouTube, people watch 6 billion hours of video a month. Yes, the competition is fierce, but video is practically a requirement for content marketing today.

4. Podcasts

Everyone and their mom has an iPod (or phone with iTunes) that is filled with audio files ranging from music to podcasts. The episodic audio clips, known as podcasts, gain more popularity every year and are a great way to connect with your audience on a weekly basis. Writing a podcast is similar to that of a video, except it’s much less scripted and more concept based.

Still against content writing? Try some of these creative content methods and let us know what you discover in the comments below!

Photo Credit: spiritinme