Whenever I receive a new client or am searching for new ones, I always ask, “Do you have a blog?” More often than not, the answer to this question is a resounding, “No.”

And they wonder why nobody knows about their small business.

Understanding SEO isn’t easy and Google has a wonderful habit of continuously changing its algorithms, but if you want to get people talking to and about you, blogging is the way to do it.

5 Reasons to Blog with SEO in Mind  

1. Backlinking

There has been some debate about whether backlinking is good practice, and I stand firmly and say yes, it sure is. Linking your content to other websites and companies whom you have or wish to build relationships with that are quality and fitting to your brand is a great way to earn those golden SEO points.

2. Squeaky Clean Content

You know that wonderful smell of clothes when they first come out of the dryer? So does Google, only with new content and freshly written ideas and concepts. If you are blogging steadily, then that gives Google the indication that you’re putting out new content that is just waiting to be read. The freshest and most relevant content goes to the top of the search engine, right where your prospective clientele are waiting.

3. Keyword Phrases

Note that I didn’t just say keywords; that philosophy is on its way out. Stuffing your content with random keywords won’t earn you any SEO points, but using key phrases and long-tail keywords that people are actually searching for, such as social media marketing, will keep you relevant. It also makes you the expert when it comes to certain topics.

4. Images/Video

Every time you blog, a photo or video should be present. It’s another way to create dynamic and unique content that waves a bright, “Look at me!” sign in search engines. Name the photos and images with relevant titles that include keywords and include tags that are popular, relevant and trending.

5. Social Media

What better way to promote your small business’ blog than on your social media platforms? Google keeps an eye on your social media channels and favors well-written content on Google+. Make use of this opportunity to get the word out to a big audience quickly.

What other tricks have you used to boost SEO with your blog? We’ve love to hear about them in the comments below!

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