How are you using Twitter?

How are you using Twitter?

One of the most popular social media platforms is Twitter. This 140 character limit siteallows for users to send out updates and communicate with others they follow or want to share with. Outside of personal accounts, Twitter has become an essential tool for businesses and brands. If your small business is not on Twitter, or is not utilizing it to its fullest potential, here are three reasons you should.

3 Reasons to Use Twitter

  1. Create Unique Hashtags

One of Twitter’s best and most used features is the hashtag. The hashtag is a way to connect with other account holders who are taking about the same subject. By creating a specialized hashtag for your business, you allow your customers to connect with each other using the same thread. By following your feed you can see what customers are saying about your brand and how they are interacting with your company.

  1. Engage With Your Customers

As customers use the hashtag your business created and add your Twitter handle to their tweets, your notification feed will be filled with mentions from followers talking about you. This is an excellent and rare opportunity to let your customers know you hear them and are thankful. Two of the simplest responses you can use are the re-tweet (RT) and ‘favorite’ mention. From personal experience, I can tell you that it is exciting when a company or person I am reaching out to saw, and also appreciated, my comments towards them. As a busy business owner, it only takes a second to hit the RT or starred favorite button to let your customers know you see and hear them.

  1. Share News

Along with your customers being able to talk about you, you also have a voice! Twitter is an incredible tool to promote any new business news or happenings. Sharing news and updates through Twitter allows for a direct line to the feeds and phones of customers. Consistent updates will keep your followers involved and up-to-date on any changes that may affect them and benefit them.

Having a strong connection and relationship with your customers is vital to any business, especially as more is concentrated on social media. Using Twitter is one of the most essential and easiest ways to interact with followers. Does your business use Twitter in a different or more unique way? Share in the comments below.

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