What social media lessons can you learn from TV?

What social media lessons can you learn from TV?

What social media lessons have you learned from daytime television? For some reason, one of my favorite talk shows is “The View.” I remember watching the show as a kid with my grandparents and have continued to watch it into adulthood. After years of watching, here are three social media lessons I have learned from the show.

3 Lessons in Social Media from “The View”

  1. Show Personality

Throughout the many years of the show, there have been different hosts at the table. Though not everyone sticks around, there has never been a short supply of spark and personality. From the drama of Rosie O’Donnell to the humor of Whoopi Goldberg, everyone brings their own charm and opinion to the stage. Take this lesson in showmanship to your own social media page. Your audience will appreciate seeing your own humor and style shine through your posts. No one likes reading a robotic update.

  1. Offer Deals

One of the newest segments of “The View” is their “Must Have Monday” specials. This is where designer products are presented to the audience at fantastically reduced prices. You’ll want items you never knew you needed just because they are on sale! This is another great tactic to implement on your social media pages. Offer special deals and discounts to your product(s) or services on your Facebook and Twitter pages. This is a great way to attract and keep eyes on your social media sites.

  1. Be Timely

What could be considered the most famous segment of the show is their “Hot Topics” section. This is where the hosts go around giving their opinion about today’s biggest headlines. Since there is always breaking news developing, they always have something new and interesting to discuss. When you are posting articles or infographics, make sure the information is relevant and up-to-date. It is in the best interest of your site and brand to always provide the most current data to your audience.

Over the past 18 years “The View” has been entertaining their audience and making their own headlines. Show off your personality, offer deals and be timely to use these social media lessons on your own social media sites. Share with us other social media lessons you have learned from talk shows in the comments below.

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