Social media audiences are listening to what your company is saying, but what voice are they hearing? Whether your company’s culture is business casual or suit and tie required, your social media content should express your organization’s personality.

Social media users will eventually rely on you like an old friend, ready to hear the latest gossip; make sure that you’re the friend that they are always listening to. Add a human side to your business by trying these writing tips for content on all of your social media platforms.

Social Media has become the voice of business.
What are you saying?

1). Be You: That’s right, be you! Social media users want to relate to something and someone authentic. When your targeted audience feels as if they can trust in you (and not a social media bot) that is when you can create social media engagement and conversation.

2). Ensure That Your Social Media Content Reflects Your CultureEvery company has a sense of culture. Perhaps your business focuses on developing leaders of tomorrow or has an interest in improving your local community. Whatever it is, make sure that your brand’s culture is reflected in your social media content.

2). Pretend That You Are The Audience: What would you want to hear about your company? Whom would you want to hear from? Most social media followers don’t want to hear about your quarterly reports, nor do they want to read updates that require a dictionary to understand. Keep your brand’s content simple and entertaining.

3). Look At What Others Are Doing: It can be beneficial to look at how others are engaging your target audience. By looking at your competitor’s social media content, you can view what types of content drive engagement. With that information, you can develop your brand’s approach to your specific targeted audience.

4). Get Personal: Owning up to your mistakes with humility and a sense of humor can get you far with your audience. Sharing details about your office life (i.e. company picnic photos, photos of your pets, etc.) through your social media channels can give a sense of community on your page. Followers will feel a sense of connection to your company with the small details.

Incorporating a consistent voice within your social media channels is a sure way to gain followers. If your company had an actual voice, what celebrity would you choose to play its part? Comment below! 

Photo Credit: Kathleen Donovan

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