3 Customer Service Tips for Regular Customers

3 Customer Service Tips for Regular Customers

Strong customer service skills are important for any business looking for longevity. As a habitual shopper, there is nothing like superior customer service to keep me coming back for more. If your small business is looking to attract regulars, here are three points I’ve come to appreciate.

3 Customer Service Tips for Repeat Clients

  1. Give Extras

The two best experiences I’ve had receiving a little something extra have been at restaurants and nail salons. At restaurants, it’s always fun to receive a taste of a new dish they’ve been working on or an appetizer while you wait. At a recent visit to a nail salon, I was given free nail designs during a pedicure because they were thankful for my business. How nice! If you can, offer discounts through social media or start a punch card to attract customers and provide them with outstanding customer service to keep them coming back!

  1. Remember Facts

Now, many of my best customer service experiences come from having lived in a small town for over five years, but I love it when I’m remembered. It’s surprising at first, but a good shock when a hairdresser remembers a trip you were planning from your last visit. If memorizing hundreds of different facts about people isn’t your forte, consider engaging with customers on social media. Spend some time on social media looking at what your fans are saying about you and like or comment back. They will appreciate your involvement.

  1. Be Friendly

This should go without saying, but be friendly to your customers. First impressions are crucial! There is no reason for anyone to return to your business if their experience was unpleasant. As the old adage goes, “Treat people how you would want to be treated,” and don’t you hate being ignored? This is the easiest step you can take towards gaining regulars.

Customer service is a major component of a successful business and one that is easily attained. If you can give something extra to your customers, remember the little things and be friendly you will have a bevy of regulars. Share your best tips for return customers in the comments below!

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