SEO and social media marketing are two strategies that are closely interwoven. Both are inbound, organic strategies which focus on building an identity that is appealing to customers and draws them in. Since social networking relies on a strong, visible brand presence that is backed up with high-quality, interesting content, putting more effort into improving SEO can naturally boost your appearance on sites like Facebook and Twitter, too. Paying attention to, and investing time into, your social platforms is an essential strategy for business owners today, as doing so can have some substantial benefits for your business. We’ve taken a look at some of the best social media practices to implement in order to boost SEO.

Optimize Updates

Many marketers and business owners make the mistake of optimizing their website content and blog posts for search, but not their updates on social sites. By failing to optimize updates for search, you are missing out on a high search ranking in Google for your main target keywords. By basing your social media updates on the keywords that your target audience use the most when searching for your company, you can improve both your website and social network page’s ranking in search results.

Encourage Sharing

Sharing on sites such as Facebook and Twitter sends out ‘social signals’, which can improve your website’s overall SEO. The more shares your content has, the larger the audience becomes, with your followers sharing it with their followers, and so on. Asking your readers to share your content on social platforms is one of the simplest strategies you can perform to improve your SEO, but it is also one which can lead to fantastic results.

Build Links

One of the best ways in which social media can be used to improve SEO is by using it for link building. When you post updates and new content on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn, you can include a link back to your website, which will help to encourage organic traffic to your site from the social network. On top of this, the more useful links that you have directing to your site, the more Google will begin to see your website as an authority source. For more information on link building and social networking, contact Click Intelligence.

Encourage Followers

The larger the number of followers that you have online and across a wide network of social networks, the stronger your online presence will be. Encouraging users to follow your social profiles is a process that can take time, however, gaining more followers on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram should always be a priority. Offering incentives such as freebies or exclusive content to people who follow you on Twitter and Instagram, for example, is a simple yet effective method of increasing the number of followers that you have. Along with that, simply posting shareable, interesting content on your profiles will encourage your existing followers to share, exposing it to a wider audience of potential new followers for your page.

Social media is one of the best tools for building SEO, with the potential to reach out to millions of users online. Using the right social strategies can be significant in improving your website’s SEO.

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