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Follow these headline tips when blogging for your business!

As you’re blogging for your business, how much time to do you spend on headlines? The words you choose will either draw in a reader or encourage them to scroll onto something else, so take the time to carefully craft each one!

What makes a good headline? Keep these tips in mind when blogging for SEO.

4 Headline Tips for Your Blogging Strategy

1. Draw on Emotions

Writing a great headline is all about drawing your readers in and making them wonder, “What happened next?” or “How is that possible?” If you include a surprising fact, a perplexing question or an unexpected claim that you explain in your post, you are sure to catch your reader’s attention and get them to read your article.

2. Keep it Short and to the Point

When blogging, a powerful headline is long enough to provide some context, but short enough to entice consumers to want more. It is helpful to write your headline after you’ve written your blog post, and then choose catchy or compelling elements of the article to use in your headline.

3. Use Strong Keywords

Remember, you want your blog post to be found amongst the sea of content, so remember to use strong keywords near the beginning of your first paragraph and then naturally throughout the rest of the article. Your headline should incorporate your keywords so search engines pick it up quickly, too.

4. Use Data and Numbers

We live in a data-driven society, so take the time to do some research when blogging. Use numbers, percentages and statistics in your headline to catch your readers’ eye and give them the information they need to know right off the bat.

Blogging Data: What the Research Says

There’s a wealth of blogging research out there, but what does it say about headlines? Only One Mike shares helpful insight from a recent Buzzsumo study. After looking at more than 100 million headlines published March 1 – May 10 last year, researchers were able to determine key phrases that are often included in top performing headlines.

As you develop your blog articles, consider using these words and phrases as appropriate:

  1. Will Make You
  2. This is Why
  3. Tears of Joy
  4. Shocked to See
  5. __ Reasons Why
  6. __ Things You
  7. …the World
  8. … __ Years
  9. … Goes Viral
  10. … to Know

Another helpful blogging tool to include in your arsenal is the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. You can literally write your headline in a little window, and it will analyze it for you and provide suggestions to make it stronger.

Many people don’t know how to write a powerful headline and sadly, their content may never even reach an audience. By maximizing your keywords and adding these essential elements to your blogging strategy, you are sure to capture your reader’s attention and remain top-of-mind.

What great headlines have you written? Share in the comments below!

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