How to Write a Great Headline

How to Write a Great Headline

This article was originally published in October 2014.

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An important part of writing a great press release is having a catchy headline. Headlines are vital because they draw your readers in and let them know what your press release or article is all about.  Here are 4 key elements to writing a great headline.

4 Key Elements to Writing a Great Headline

  1. Excitement or Surprise

Writing a great headline is all about drawing your readers in and making them wonder, “What happened next?” If you include a surprise fact, a perplexing question or an announcement people were waiting for, you are sure to catch your reader’s attention and get them to read your story.

  1. Keep it Short and to the Point

A great headline is long enough to tell a whole story in a single sentence, but short enough to make people want more. It is helpful to write your headline after you’ve written your story, and then choose catchy or newsworthy elements of the article to use in your headline.

  1. Use Good Keywords

Remember, you want your story to be found amongst thousands of others in the vast content of search engines, so remember to use good keywords near the front and, if possible, in the first 50 words of the article. Your headline should incorporate your keywords so search engines pick it up quickly.

  1. Use Data and Numbers

A lot of the time, the most interesting pieces of information are the facts. Use percentages and statistics in the headline to give your readers the information they need to know right off the bat. Are you presenting a list of information? Sometimes the key to writing a great headline is to use a numbered list. Most people will click on a short list because it is easier for them to prepare to receive the information.

Many people don’t know how to write a great headline and sadly, their content may never even reach an audience. By maximizing your keywords and adding these essential elements to a great headline, you are sure to capture your reader’s attention and remain top-of-mind.

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