You might be surprised how many social media marketing lessons you can learn from a day spent outdoors exploring! As much as I enjoy the gray, rainy weather we’re used to in the Pacific Northwest, sunny skies give me plenty of opportunities to take our very own Office Greeter, Phoebe Ingrid Blu, outside to play. As I was watching her play outside last week here at Moose Hollow, I started thinking about similarities to social media marketing.

4 Social Media Marketing Lessons From A Day Outside With My Pup

Erika and Phoebe outdoors

Spending time in nature can provide a wealth of social media marketing lessons if you know where to look!

Don’t miss these four social media marketing lessons from a day spent exploring the outdoors!

  1. Plan ahead. I admit this isn’t always my forte. I don’t know how many times I’ve been the dog mom that forgets the leash, water or snacks. Still, the day goes much better when I plan ahead, just like your social media marketing will be more successful by planning ahead. We even recommend creating a content calendar for your social media channels.
  2. Pay attention. Just like you should watch your pets while they play outside, it’s important to keep an eye on your social media channels. Are users leaving comments or questions? Reply in a timely manner! Are there certain types of posts that followers seem to prefer? Revise your strategy to include more of them! By paying attention, you can learn a lot.
  3. Deal with problems right away. No pet is perfect. Whether my dog is the one shoving other pups out of the way or is on the receiving end of another pet’s misstep, it’s important to handle problems right away. The same is true for social media marketing. If your page receives a negative comment, respond quickly, acknowledge the complaint and offer a more in-depth, private conversation.
  4. Change it up. We’re lucky to live in a place with so many places to explore outdoors. I like to take Phoebe to different areas to play; each space has different obstacles and gives her additional opportunities to climb and explore. In social media marketing, it’s important to change up the content you post, too. Yes, if a certain type of post is popular, keep including those, but no one wants to see the same updates over and over again. Find new memes, articles, infographics, images or videos and share away!

As you approach your social media marketing, remember to plan ahead, pay attention, deal with problems and change up the content on a regular basis. When was the last time you went outside to investigate? Can you think of any insight I’ve missed? Share in the comments below!

Dog enjoying the outdoors

Approach your social media marketing like you would a day outdoors.

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