The hashtag revolution continues in its most recent invasion of Google+ territory. In an attempt to increase SEO points and make posts more relevant via the infamous hashtag, Google+ has also implemented a few non-Twitter-like features to make it more user friendly. No need to take cover from this harmless attack; the hashtag is here to help bring your social media updates up to par with the buzzing conversation surrounding you and your business. Here are a few changes to be aware of. 

Have you tapped into the power of the hashtag?

Awareness Tip 1: The magic number three 

Google+ has placed an SEO limit, if you will, on the amount of hashtags used in a single post. The first three hashtags used will automatically be displayed at the top of your posts in a gray color. Make sure each hashtag is relevant to the topic and placed in order of importance. You can, of course, add as many hashtags as you want, but the first three will carry the most weight in user searches. Google will add hashtags that it feels are relevant to your topic to the top of the post, but this time in blue. These additions are removable.

Awareness Tip 2: Take note of your surroundings 

When preparing your posts, do a hashtag search to see ongoing trends regarding a certain topic. The point of hashtags is to begin and join conversations by making your (or your business’) opinion known. Timing is everything; test out different times for posting your content and see where it lands in the feed. Posting during the peak of the conversation could land you a spot in the “best of” category or could get you lost in the chatter.

Awareness Tip 3: Check out the competition

Google+ has introduced a flip search when on the lookout for certain hashtags; a side-by-side look at various articles including the original hashtag AND related hashtags other users might have used in conjunction with it. This means that everyone is competing with one another for the posts that will catch the most curious eyes. Check out these articles before you write yours and be sure to integrate “shiny” aspects: a catchy title, stellar image or interesting angle.

Hashtags are still in the early stages for Google+ but they are definitely reshaping the content being used in posts. How have you used them to promote your business?

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