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With the end of the 4th season of“Girls,” I realized the hit TV show’s use of Snapchat taught me three social media lessons. For companies who have a younger target audience, like the show, Snapchat is the newest tool to reach your fans. Here are three lessons in social media from Lena Dunham’s hit series.

3 Social Media Lessons for Snapchat

  1. Be Creative

One of the unique features of Snapchat is the ability to draw, use emoji’s and use text on top of pictures and videos. To connect with fans, the team behind the account uses emoji’s to relate back to episodes and memorable moments. While a cupcake + bathtub=thumbs up might not make sense to everyone, fans of the show appreciate the reference. Take the time to have fun and send your fans imaginative snaps.

  1. Send Snaps Weekly

To remind viewers that the finale was approaching, the Snapchat team behind “Girls” sent a 10 second stream of visuals using all of the available features. Sending weekly snaps showing off items that are on discount or displaying a new product you have is a great way to reach customers who may not be paying attention to traditional advertising.

  1. Go Behind the Scenes

To launch the beginning of the season, Girls’ Snapchat account posted live videos and images of the cast and other notable attendees at the premiere party. This was your digital invitation to an event you otherwise would not have had access too. Consumers love to get the inside scoop on a company they are interested or already loyal too. Whether you send images or videos from an office party or just show the daily operations, customers will appreciate the engagement.

If you are looking for social media lessons for Snapchat, look no further than the girlshbo account. This profile is great for lessons in creativity, how to send weekly snaps and taking you behind the scenes of exclusive events. How else do you like to Snapchat?

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