Want to know how to write a pitch that stands out? Securing media coverage requires more than a great idea; you need to be able to share that idea with a journalist in a way they’ll be receptive to. Here are 4 tips to write a pitch that stands out.

How to Write a Pitch That Stands Out

This is a picture of a baseball player pitching a baseball.

Follow these tips to learn how to write a pitch!

1. Do your homework. Before you even write the pitch, take the time to learn about the media outlet. Read the magazine, watch the TV show or listen to the radio show. Think about how what you’re pitching would fit in seamlessly as an article or segment.

2. Make it about the audience. When you write your pitch, keep the reporter’s audience in mind. Tell them why their readers would care, or why their viewers would want to watch a segment about you or your business.

3. Keep it short. Journalists are incredibly busy. When they receive an email they need to scroll through to read, more often than not they just hit, “Delete.” Keep your pitch short – as in one to two paragraphs – and include a link to more information.

4. Craft an enticing subject line. If your subject line doesn’t encourage them to open your email, all the time you spent on your pitch is wasted. Take the time to really think about a subject line that is informative yet eye-catching so they are curious about what’s in the rest of your email.

Now you know how to write a pitch that stands out! Do your homework, make it about the audience, keep it short and craft an enticing subject line; you’re well on your way to securing media coverage for your company. Of course, if you want any additional advice or insight, but sure to contact us for a complimentary consultation today!

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