If you own a company, you should take advantage of business blogging, an inbound marketing tactic designed to help increase consumer and online visibility. While these sites are a popular option for individuals wanting to share their story, they are also a great platform for companies to spread the news about their products and services. There are many free or inexpensive options to start a blog; here are four benefits of posting regularly to your business’ website.

4 Benefits of Business Blogging

  1. Establish Industry Credibility

By publishing blog posts regularly, you’ll establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field. Some simple ways to do this are to share how-to posts, tips and tricks, industry best practices or answer frequently asked questions. By providing free information to your customers, you’ll show them you are on top of your game and can offer something of value.

  1. Increase Website Traffic

Business blogging can help drive traffic toward your website, resulting in increased readership. In addition to helping improve your search engine ranking, you can also use the blog posts to help market yourself via social media. Regularly share your recent posts on social profiles and include a link to your blog (just remember to follow the 80/20 rule).

  1. Test New Ideas

Your business blog can be a great staging area to test ideas and get a feel for how your customers will react. If you have a new product or seasonal promotion, posting it on your blog can help you understand how readers will react and create buzz about the offering.

  1. Involve Your Whole Team

Business blogging can also be a great way to make your employees feel more included! Try creating a section of your blog called “Insights” and have team members post about their thoughts on the industry, tips and tricks and workplace commentary regularly.

Business blogging helps position your company as an industry leader, drive traffic to your website, test new ideas and get your whole team involved. Are you using a blog to promote your business? What other benefits have you seen?

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