How to Make Your Audience Laugh on Instagram

How to Make Your Audience Laugh on Instagram

Last month, we highlighted three brands that use humor on Twitter to appeal to a wide demographic. After all, everyone loves to laugh! Using humor on Instagram may seem intimidating, but your feed doesn’t have to be entirely aesthetically-pleasing shots of iced coffee and cute #OOTDs (outfits of the day). Your audience will love to see comedy in your photo posts, too! Take a look at these examples of three funny brands on Instagram.

Example 1: Arby’s Humor on Instagram

Many brands get stuck in a clichéd mess of uninspired puns and subpar images. This was the case for fast food chain Arby’s until the company decided to refocus their marketing efforts. Now the Arby’s Instagram page is an abundance of papercraft references to film, television, video games and pop culture. The artistry of the images combined with quick-witted captions proves Arby’s to be one of the coolest brands on the ‘gram. Take a look at these particularly impressive posts:

Hope this makes it across the table

A post shared by Arby's (@arbys) on

Forgot the reservation? Our drive-thru is open. #prom

A post shared by Arby's (@arbys) on

Takeaway: The visual consistency of Arby’s posts combined with the brand voice has earned the restaurant nearly a quarter of a million followers. If you have a clear visual direction, your Instagram followers are sure to appreciate it. Find what makes your brand unique and stick with it.

Example 2: OldSpice’s Humor on Instagram

Though OldSpice does not post often, each entry into the feed is a well-executed production. The company understands selling body wash can get old, so they ‘spice’ up their advertisements with celebrity cameos and absurdist wit.

Their marketing strategy used to be quite different, however: since its debut in 1938, OldSpice was associated with elderly gentlemen. When Axe Body Spray was introduced into the market, OldSpice knew they would need a new marketing strategy to hold the attention of young men. The reinvention of OldSpice was a big marketing risk with an equally big payoff.

Which one is the real Von?

A post shared by Old Spice (@oldspice) on

Don't let weak fingers stand in your way. Try Old Spice Hand Gym (Link in Bio)

A post shared by Old Spice (@oldspice) on

Takeaway: You don’t need an Old Spice-sized budget to have fun with your Instagram posts! The best decisions are often made outside of your comfort zone. If you take a marketing risk and end up unsatisfied with the results, have no fear – you can always reinvent your brand tomorrow.

Example 3: Ben & Jerry’s Humor on Instagram

The Ben & Jerry’s Instagram page is a thoughtful combination of social justice messaging and ice cream-related jokes. The combination may seem unlikely, but the brand pulls it off with flying colors.

Perhaps the most endearing aspect of the Ben & Jerry’s Instagram presence is the brand’s ability to poke fun at itself, as demonstrated in this clip highlighting failed B&J ice cream flavors.

Takeaway: Your brand doesn’t need to be restricted to only humorous posts or only serious posts! A healthy combination of the two can create a well-rounded social media presence. Having a flexible brand voice will keep your feed fresh and your audience engaged.

Incorporating humor into your company’s Instagram presence will make your content stand out amongst the sea of straight-and-narrow brands. Even if your company voice is strictly professional, don’t shy away from a well-placed pun or funny video clip. When you have fun with your social media, your audience will have fun, too!

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