Top Marketing Tips From Craft Beer Companies

Top Marketing Tips From Craft Beer Companies

With so many companies in the global marketplace, it can sometimes feel difficult to differentiate yourself from competitors in your industry. An excellent way to stand out is by creating unique and memorable marketing content. 

Today, I’ll be sharing marketing tips that I’ve accumulated over the years while enjoying craft beer. Modern U.S. craft beer making dates back to the 1960s, leading to the uprise of homebrewing in the 1970s and then the start of microbreweries in the 1990’s. 

With new craft beer companies arising every week, there is no exact number as to how many there are currently in the world. That goes to show just how large the number must be! It is said there are more than 7,500 breweries operating in the U.S alone as of 2019.

So how does one company separate themselves from the rest? Let’s take a look at a few craft beer companies who have recognizable content marketing , and what exactly makes it this way.

Belching Beaver

Besides the outlandish company name, Belching Beaver makes their presence known in a few different ways. Their logo is a whimsical, fun beaver, and what you don’t always notice at first glance, is that each different type of beer they have is accompanied by its own version of their logo. This allows each style of beer to have a unique look that is special to its flavor, featuring a one-of-a-kind beaver. 

They also have done a limited edition IPA style beer called Phantom Bride in collaboration with the popular band Deftones. This allowed for an all new style of creative marketing that portrays the band. They chose a black background, with the band’s name proudly displayed on the front of the can.  

“A truly original Deftones/ Belching Beaver collaboration envisioned by Chino Moreno and skillfully crafted by Thomas Peters.”

Belching Beaver

Georgetown Brewing

Located in the heart of Seattle, Georgetown Brewing is one of the largest independent breweries in Washington State. They feature six delicious beers: two pale ales, two IPAs, a pilsner and a porter. 

Each of Georgetown’s six famous beers come in bright, colorful cans with a similar, but slightly different logo. When I was a first-time customer and tried their Bohdizafa at a restaurant, I asked my waitress for an indicator of the brand, and what I should look for at the store. She told me the drink name, and that the can was orange, but couldn’t remember what the company was called. These two simple pieces of information helped me locate the beer in my local grocery store, and I knew I got the right one because the cans were bright orange! 

How would somebody describe your product or service to a friend? What notable indicators do you have? Word-of-mouth marketing is a free, efficient way to gain some great publicity!

Iron Horse Brewery

Located in Ellensburg, Washington, Iron Horse is known for its popular beer, Irish Death. Their logo is a hand drawn looking skull, seen in a different setting for each flavor of beer. With 15 different craft beers, Iron Horse creates notable, individual advertising for each flavor. 

Additionally, they release a seasonal vanilla milk stout during the holidays, called Cozy Sweater. The can features red and green illustrations, with their skull logo bundled up in a sweater and scarf. They also pump up their marketing around St. Patrick’s Day, as their productname embodies the holiday!

Happy friends drinking draft beer and clinking glasses at a bar.


If youtube traveled through the Pacific Northwest, more than likely you’ve driven by a McMenamins. With 62 locations, McMenamins is a top competitor in the world of craft beer. When it comes to marketing, there are many things this company does well, and even more that they do extremely well. 

For starters, each location is a pre-existing building with notable history. McMenamins seeks out unique spaces and transforms them into a quaint, almost hipster pub usually featuring games like ballards or table shuffleboard. What’s more? To motivate the adventurer inside of you, McMenamins has created a passport for all of their locations. Once purchased, you will receive a passport style book filled with various location specific tasks you need to complete in order to win prizes and other goods. For example, one task may be to go to the Mcmenamins movie theater and engage in conversation with the host. Once you’ve traveled to each location and have your passport filled with verifying stamps, you are treated to a wonderful stay at McMenamins pristine location, Edgefeild. 

On top of the fun program encouraging guests to visit each location, buying buildings with history welcomes guests to take a quick trip to the past. If you visit the Centralia McMenamins location, you will find numerous framed newspaper articles and black and white photographs featuring the place you’re standing in! The Centralia McMenamins started as a gentlemen’s club in 1908, and was eventually bought by McMenamins in 1997. Each room in the hotel is named after the colorful, notable guests that have left their mark in history. 

By leaving various locations virtually untouched, the history of these buildings are begging to be heard. The Centralia McMenamins even has the original mammoth porcelain urinal that dates back to 1913. 

How To Apply These Marketing Tips To Your Industry

Depending on your personal needs and goals, you can apply many of the marketing tips I’ve mentioned here to your brand, such as altering your logo for a new product, changing the colors or creating an incentive for customers to be more involved with your company. There are numerous methods to set yourself apart from other brands in your industry, but it’s up to you to implement them!

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