From Monday Motivation to Friday Fun Day, social media hashtag trends get consumers talking. Inserting yourself into the conversation is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your site, build brand awareness and gain new followers. While there are many ways to connect with your audience online, using hashtag trends is one of the most common.

Hashtags can be used with many different mediums. While you may have commonly seen them in association with pictures, don’t feel limited to just using hashtags with photos. In fact, one of the most popular social media hashtag trends currently is to use them with video. Recent studies have shown that the average person watches up to 18 hours of online video per week.

Another way you can use social media hashtags is in collaboration with graphics or animated posts. These can be created for free on sites such as Canva. Using hashtags in combination with many mediums on various social media platforms can help keep things fresh and interesting.

If your social media account is active throughout the week, it creates a reliable way for followers to contact you and build a relationship with your company. This has its advantages for your brand and its bottom line.

Your goal is to nurture trust, build meaningful connections, create conversation, be authentic and grow your community. Incorporating hashtags into your daily social media posts is an effective and efficient way to do this.

Here are data-backed social media hashtag trends you can use in your campaigns every day of the week.

Social Media Hashtag Trends For The Whole Week

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Focusing social media hashtags on days of the week is a great way to engage your audience.


Monday hashtags typically center around kicking off the workweek. Some of the most popular hashtags for social media on Monday are:







Monday Mood is a popular hashtag to show off a funny photo of a pet, start conversations surrounding being groggy from the weekend or post an industry-relevant meme.

If you are going for a more upbeat approach, #MondayMotivation is the perfect social media hashtag to show photos of a fantastic meal, a great workout, a team photo at the office or an inspirational story. Mondays don’t have to be all bad, right? They provide an opportunity for a fresh start and hopes for a productive week ahead!


As the week gets rolling, Tuesday is an opportunity to keep followers engaged and put a smile on their faces. For the most part, Tuesday’s social media hashtag trends are focused on tidbits, facts, trivia or imparting wisdom. The most popular hashtags for Tuesday are:








Tuesday is a fantastic day to make a graphic and share a piece of advice relevant to your industry (#TuesdayTip), ask your followers to guess or comment on a post (#TuesdayTrivia) or post about how far your company has come since it started (#TransformationTuesday).

Following these social media hashtag trends will increase the visibility and reach of your posts; those who may not be aware of your page might see your post and become intrigued. Take advantage of Tuesday’s most popular hashtags — posts during the week perform better than those on the weekend.


social media hashtags for Wednesday

Use Wednesday to post social media hashtags that encourage your readers.

According to Kicksta, Wednesday is the best day for the tech industry to post. Wednesday, or hump day, is also a day for motivation. Think about that midweek pick-me-up we all crave and post that on your social media. The most popular social media hashtags on Wednesday are:







Wednesday posts frequently focus on personal health and wellness. Companies use the tag to promote healthy products and start conversations with the hashtag #WednesdayWisdom. #WednesdayMotivation could show off a great band set up for an upcoming gig, a wonderful meal your restaurant offers or a big accomplishment your company is proud of.


Thursday is one of the best possible days to post on social media. If you don’t post every day, make sure you keep up with social media trends and post on Thursdays. The most popular social media hashtags on Thursday are:

#ThrowbackThursday (or #TBT)






Use the popular social media hashtags #TBT and #ThrowbackThursday to share historical, childhood or recent memories; customers will love getting to know you on a personal level.


social media hashtags for Friday

Social media hashtags for Friday are a chance to show off your silly side.

Finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for … Friday! Use this chance to share a fun, silly or playful post while taking advantage of the most popular social media hashtags for Friday:









Share a photo of your happy customers or happy staff members, a video of your team doing a little dance, an amusing meme or a picture of a sunny day outside — anything to celebrate and ring in the weekend is perfect.

Additionally, another social media trend is to use the social media hashtag #FollowFriday (or #FF) as a way to encourage users to follow others and explore new interests. This can also help spread the word about your business.


Everybody loves a Saturday. As a business, the weekend gives you a chance to show off a more easy-going or fun side of your company. The highest-ranking and most popular social media hashtags for Saturday are largely based on the time of day. For example:






Why not show off a new side of your business? Do you have a fun photo of a team retreat (#SaturdayFunDay), a silly dress up day (#SaturdayStyle) or are you eating a delicious lunch from a local business you want to support (#SaturdayLunch)? Showing a personal side on social media can go a long way to increase connections with followers.


Sunday is a famously lazy day. Embrace your restful Sunday and show off what that means to you! The most popular social media hashtags for Sunday are as follows:







Sundays are not immune to social media trends. Feel free to post a photo of a picnic in the park, a nature scene from a walk or a cozy picture of you snuggled up with your dog. Sundays are days to rest from the past week and begin to prepare for the upcoming week; use these social media trends to show off how you do Sundays!

The Power Of Social Media Hashtag Trends

Never forget the power of social media hashtags. Capitalizing on popular social media trends allows you to keep your costs down while getting the word out about your business. The lowest engagement tends to be on the weekends and the most popular days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

If you can use your posts to spark conversation, ask a question, engage followers in dialogue or tag a fellow business in your industry, this is all the better for post visibility. The more fun, valuable and enjoyable your social media feed is, the more people will want to follow you. The value in followers is also, of course, staying top of mind and demonstrating your popularity and reputability to the online world.

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