I love visiting my neighborhood coffee shop. They know me by name, and I always receive high-level customer service. While enjoying my pumpkin spice latte this week (I drink them year-round), I thought about a few things this coffee shop is doing right that I can apply to public relations and content marketing.

3 Content Marketing And PR Lessons From Coffee Shops

1. Personalize and handcraft

Public relations personalization

Personalize your public relations campaign just like you would your cup of coffee.

Do you have a special drink you order at a coffee shop? I love it when the barista takes the extra time to write my name on my cup, sometimes even adding a smiley face. It can make all the difference in my morning.

When you’re pitching to journalists as part of your public relations campaign, use this coffee shop lesson and take the extra time and do some in-depth research about what the reporter’s specialty is. Read some of their latest articles and mention them by name in your pitch. Reporters will be more likely to open and respond to pitches that are tailored just to them and offer some thoughtful feedback on their work.

Your morning latte is handcrafted just for you, just like your work should be handcrafted based on who you are targeting. If you’re writing social media updates for a variety of different platforms, change up the wording for each account. For example, your Twitter posts should be short and sweet, while LinkedIn posts usually require a little bit more explanation. Tailoring your content marketing to your audience and the platform you’re posting on is a sure way to gain loyal followers.

2. Form a relationship

Never leaving a closed interaction is also a hallmark of neighborhood coffee shops. Likely, your barista will know you and your drink by name and welcome you warmly each day. When you leave, they’ll offer a thank you and say, “See you next time.” Form a strong relationship with everyone in your public relations network and keep communication lines open for future interactions. Don’t close off or burn any of your bridges.

3. Find your niche

content marketing niche

Don’t target the wrong audience in your content marketing: find your niche!

Chances are your neighborhood coffee shop has its own unique look and personality. Finding your niche audience and catering to them in your content marketing is important for gaining followers. Make your office and signage inviting. If you’re starting a conversation online by posting on a blog or forum, ask engaging questions and encourage others to comment. Treat every visitor to your website like a regular guest at your coffee shop.

The next time you order your double tall mocha with whipped cream, think of the personalization and attention that went into handcrafting the drink just for you. Do you have a favorite neighborhood coffee shop? Can you think of any other content marketing or PR lessons that apply?

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