Do you know what a boilerplate is and why you should have one for your business? Learn why they are important in your public relations and marketing efforts and how to write one for your organization.

What Is A Boilerplate?

boilerplate is a ready-to-use piece of content you can employ in a variety of instances. It provides a quick synopsis of your business and what makes your brand unique with a link to where readers can find more information. No matter the industry you’re in, this public relations and marketing tool is a handy way to keep your core message and values consistent across multiple communications.

Where To Use A Boilerplate

In public relations and marketing, boilerplates are perfect for multiple uses, such as:

How To Write A Boilerplate

boilerplate for your business

There are four simple tips for writing a boilerplate for your business.

  1. Summarize your business’s mission or main focus. Ask yourself these questions when considering your mission and focus.

-What do you offer to your clients and customers?
-What makes you different from your competition?
-What are your core values?

  1. Include keywords. Boilerplates are most often used online, so it’s important to make sure you include a couple of keywords specific to your brand to help with your SEO efforts.
  2. Keep it short. Boilerplates are supposed to be quick and to the point. Don’t drag it out with a long explanation of your business – save that for your About Page. The recommended length is a brief paragraph with 3-5 sentences total.
  3. Add a link. End your boilerplate with a link to your website for readers to find out more.

For reference take a look at our boilerplate below:

Three Girls Media, Inc. is a boutique award-winning Marketing Agency headquartered in the greater Seattle area. We provide world-class Content Marketing including Social Media Marketing & AdvertisingBlogging for SEO, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Public Relations, Graphic Design and Web Design and Build.

We work with businesses in all industries and of all sizes worldwide and specialize in providing personalized campaigns designed to meet each company’s marketing needs, goals and budget. Find out what makes us stand apart here and learn more about services on our website.

Contact Us For Help Creating A Boilerplate For Your Business

Now, in addition to being able to answer the question, “What is a boilerplate?” you know where to use them and how to write your very own. Need help crafting one for your business? Contact us; we’re happy to help clarify your main message and keywords!

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